Trump During Kanye West’s Visit: ‘I’m Open-Minded’ on Stop-and-Frisk

Melanie Arter | October 11, 2018 | 1:55pm EDT
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Rapper Kanye West talks to reporters during Oval Office meeting with President Donald Trump (Screenshot)

( – During a meeting with President Donald Trump, rapper Kanye West said Thursday that he planned to talk to the president about his recent call for police to use stop-and-frisk in Chicago.

When asked what he plans to talk with Trump about, West said he wanted to talk about stop-and-frisk, which the president recently called for Chicago police to implement to stop the high murder rate in the city.


“The thing that the head of the police and Mike Sacks met with me last night at the Soho House about was we feel that stop-and-frisk does not help the relationships in the city, and everyone that knew I was coming here said, ‘Ask about stop and frisk.’ That’s the number one thing that we’re having this conversation about.”

A reporter pointed out that the president favors stop and frisk and asked if West plans to talk to him about it, West, a Chicago native, said, “Yeah, we’re gonna discuss that.

“I didn’t mean to put you on blast like that bro,” West said, speaking to Trump.

“I’m open-minded. I’m here. I am open minded,” Trump said in response.

During a speech at the International Association of Chiefs of Police on Monday, Trump said he directed the attorney general’s office to work with local authorities to change the deal that Chicago entered into with the American Civil Liberties Union, “which ties law enforcement’s hands, and to strongly consider stop-and-frisk.”

“It works, and it was meant for problems like Chicago,” the president said in his speech. He noted that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani “had a very strong program of stop-and-frisk,” which transformed New York City “from an unacceptably dangerous city to one of the safest cities in the country.”

“So it works,” Trump said in his speech. “It’s got to be properly applied, but stop-and-frisk works.”

When asked whether the president wants West to speak at a Trump rally, the president said, “He can speak for me anytime he wants. He’s been a great guy. He’s a smart cookie, smart. He gets it. These two guys. Jim Brown, he’s been doing this for a long time.”

West and football hall of famer Jim Brown met with Trump in the Oval Office of the White House.

When asked if West is a future presidential candidate, Trump said, “Could very well be.”

West interjected, saying, “Only after 2024.”

“That’s good. I’m glad to hear that,” Trump said.

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