Sen. Harris: Trump ‘Didn’t Pull the Trigger,’ But He’s Been ‘Tweeting Out the Ammunition’

By Melanie Arter | September 12, 2019 | 10:17pm EDT
(Photo by Alex Edelman / AFP/Getty Images)

( - Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) accused President Donald Trump on Thursday of being indirectly responsible for the recent mass shootings because of what he says on Twitter.

During ABC’s Democratic presidential debate, ABC’s David Muir asked, “You have said that you would take executive action on guns within your first 100 days, including banning imports of AR-15 assault weapons. President Obama, after Sandy Hook, more than 23 executive actions, and yet here we all are today. In recent days, Vice President Biden has said about executive orders, ‘some really talented people are seeking the nomination. They said I’m going to issue an executive order.’

“Biden saying there's no constitutional authority to issue that executive order when they say I'm going to eliminate assault weapons, saying, you can't do it by executive order anymore than Trump can do things when he says he can do it by executive order. Does the vice president have a point there?” Muir asked.

“Some things you can. Many things you can't,” Biden interjected.

“Well, I mean, I would just say, hey, Joe, instead of saying, no, we can't, let's say yes, we can,” Harris said, referencing the campaign slogan of former President Barack Obama.

“Let's be constitutional. We have a Constitution,” Biden said.

“And yes, we can, because I'll tell you something. The way that I think about this is, I've seen more autopsy photographs than I care to tell you. I have attended more police officer funerals than I care to tell you. I have hugged more mothers of homicide victims than I care to tell you, and the idea that we would wait for this Congress, which has just done nothing, to act, is just -- it is overlooking the fact that every day in America, our babies are going to school to have drills,” Harris said.

“Elementary, middle and high school students, where they are learning about how they have to hide in a closet or crouch in a corner if there is a mass shooter roaming the hallways of their school. I was talking about this at one of my town halls and this child was 8 years old probably, came up to me, it was like it was a secret between the two of us, he tugged on my jacket and he said, I had to have one of those drills. It is traumatizing our children,” she said.

“El Paso and Beto, God love you for standing so courageously in the midst of that tragedy. People asked me in El Paso, they said, you know, because I have a long-standing record on this issue. They said, do you think Trump is responsible for what happened? And I said, ‘well, look. Obviously he didn't pull the trigger, but he certainly been tweeting out the ammunition.”

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