Rep. Trey Gowdy Says He Won’t Run for Re-Election

By Melanie Arter | January 31, 2018 | 5:33pm EST
Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) (Screenshot of C-SPAN video)

( - Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) announced Wednesday that he won’t seek re-election when his term expires so he can return to work in the justice system.

“I will not be filing for re-election to Congress nor seeking any other political or elected office; instead I will be returning to the justice system. Whatever skills I may have are better utilized in a courtroom than in Congress, and I enjoy our justice system more than our political system. As I look back on my career, it is the jobs that both seek and reward fairness that are most rewarding,” he said in a statement on his congressional website.     

“There is no perfect time to make this announcement, but with filing opening in six weeks, it is important to give the women and men in South Carolina who might be interested in serving ample time to reflect on the decision,” Gowdy said.

“The book of Ecclesiastes teaches us there is a time and a season for all things. There is a time to start and a time to end. There is a time to come and a time to go. This is the right time, for me, to leave politics and return to the justice system,” he said.

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Gowdy’s decision not to seek re-election “is a body blow to the House of Representatives, the conservative cause, and the people of South Carolina.”

“Seldom has a Member of Congress made such a difference in so many ways -- in a relatively short period of time -- as Trey Gowdy. He is one of the most articulate advocates for the conservative cause and does so with humility and joy,” Graham said in a statement.

“His accomplishments are too numerous to list, but I believe his biggest legacy is how he balanced passion and kindness. I can say without hesitation Trey Gowdy is a true role model for public servants,” he said.

“As his friend, I will miss the regular interaction in Washington, D.C. and back home in South Carolina. However, I’m sure this decision is welcome news for his family. I know Trey will continue to contribute in many different ways for years to come,” Graham added.


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