Rep. John Conyers’ Lawyer: Conyers Will Decide His Fate, Not Washington

By Melanie Arter | December 1, 2017 | 4:02 PM EST

Arnold Reed, attorney for Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) (Screenshot of C-SPAN video)

( - Rep. John Conyers’ attorney (D-Mich.), Arnold Reed, told reporters Friday that “in the next day or so” Conyers will decide what he plans to do in the wake of sexual harassment allegations, not Washington.

“It will be Congressman John Conyers who will be the one to decide what it is he is going to do in terms of whether he’s going to continue represent the people. It’s not going to be Washington,” said Reed.

Conyers has already stepped down from his leadership post as chair of the House Judiciary Committee. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is calling for Conyers to resign from the House.

Reed tried to cast doubt on the sexual harassment allegations of one accuser, former Conyers aide Marion Brown, saying she convinced the congressman to hire her daughter and another family member.

“What she has forgotten or omitted in telling you all is that when she worked for the congressman, … she had her daughter working there and another family member. She says that she was 40-some years old, and she needed a job, single mother - this, that and the other. We can understand that, but when you bring your daughter into a situation that you describe that is completely hell, again, it is fundamentally incongruous with anything that resembles logic and truth,” Reed said.

“So you have to ask yourself those questions about why is it that you bring your daughter into an environment that’s hostile, and you ask him to hire your-- another relative, a niece,” Conyers’ attorney said.

“There are several other individuals that will come forward if necessary - a plethora of individuals. I knew that she was going to breach that confidentiality agreement. I knew she was. I expected her to do it. That’s what opportunists do. And so because she has breached that agreement, we can now call her name. We can put a face to the name,” Reed said.

He held up the affidavit of a security guard, saying Brown never reported “any behavior that was untoward. She laughed and she joked, and she was fine with Congressman John Conyers, but you don’t see this circulating in the media. What you see is brouhaha and things that sells papers. Why? Because it’s not news when dog bites man. It’s news when man bites dog.”

The attorney also pointed to another affidavit of a man who was fired by Conyers for cursing at a woman who called the office for help. According to Reed, Shawn Campbell indicated “that he never saw anything and verified that the congressman hired the accuser’s daughter, but there became a problem. All hell broke loose when the congressman fired the daughter.”

Then Reed held up a picture of Brown and Conyers at the 2011 Barrister’s Ball.

“Here’s the predator that she’s talking about at the Barrister Ball, the 2011 Barrister Ball. She said that he took every opportunity during hours to harass her. He was an animal, but you booed up with him at the Barrister Ball? Come on now. It doesn’t work like that,” Reed said.

Brown told Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s “Today Show,” that “iIt was sexual harassment, violating my body, propositioning me, inviting me to hotels with the guise of discussing business and propositioning for sex.

"He just violated my body, he's touched me in different ways. It was very uncomfortable and very unprofessional," she said.

She described an encounter in 2005 in a Chicago hotel room.

"He was undressed down to his underwear,'' she said. "He asked me to satisfy to him sexually. He pointed to genital areas of his body and asked me to touch him.

"I was frozen shocked. I didn't want to lose my job, I didn't want to upset him. Also, he asked me to find other people that would satisfy him," she said. "I just tried to escape. I did tell him that I was not going to do that and I did not feel comfortable."

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