Pelosi: Trump’s DACA Decision ‘A Despicable Act of Political Cowardice’

By Melanie Arter | September 6, 2017 | 1:46pm EDT
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) (Screenshot of C-SPAN video)

( - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called President Donald Trump’s decision to draw down the DACA program “a despicable act of political cowardice,” adding that he’s the first president in modern history who is “anti-immigration.”

“We all agree that President Trump’s decision to end DACA is a despicable act of political cowardice, cowardice squared, because he gave the announcement to the attorney general instead of just making the statement himself,” Pelosi said, flanked by House Democrats at a press conference on Capitol Hill.

“And now he says Congress should act. He had to overturn what President Obama did, because it wasn’t constitutional or legal, but if Congress doesn’t act, he will do that. Constitutional and illegal as he may consider it to be,” she said, referring to the president’s tweet Tuesday night.

Trump tweeted: “Congress now has 6 months to legalize DACA (something the Obama Administration was unable to do). If they can't, I will revisit this issue!”

“President Trump is the first president 30 years - and let’s go back to Reagan, we can go back further. President Reagan not only acted, he acted after Congress acted, and he said Congress didn’t go far enough, so he and President - then to become President George Herbert Walker Bush did the Family Fairness Agenda to do more than Congress did,” Pelosi said. “President Clinton followed suit.

“President George W. Bush was a great immigration president, and we know that President Obama’s a great leader, especially concerned about our Dreamers,” she said.

Pelosi said Trump is “the first president in modern times, in the lives of these Dreamers, who has been anti-immigration, rejecting the idea that immigration is the lifeblood of our country.”

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