Nikki Haley: ‘Many on the Left Use the Abortion Debate to Divide Women and Demand Conformity’

By Melanie Arter | June 6, 2019 | 3:12pm EDT
(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

( - Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley used her speech at the Susan B. Anthony List’s 2019 Campaign for Life Gala Wednesday night to call out abortion extremists for supporting late-term abortions.

Haley said that as the governor of South Carolina, she was criticized by so-called feminists for signing legislation banning late-term abortions.

“As governor of South Carolina, I was proud to sign legislation that banned late-term abortions, protecting babies from the point in their development when they are capable of feeling pain. Many people praised this action, but many others criticized it," Haley said. 

“The most strident attacks came from my fellow women. You’ve heard it all before: Pro-life women are traitors to their gender. If we truly care about women’s rights, we would support abortion rights," she said.


“Women are expected to support choice – simply because we are women. That’s just wrong. We all have to be true to ourselves and to others. Unfortunately, many on the left use the abortion debate to divide women and demand conformity. They do this in the name of feminism, but that is not real feminism,” Haley said.

“The idea that women must adhere to a particular set of values is one of the most anti-women ideas in today’s culture. It is a rejection of the ideas of equality and tolerance that the women’s movement is supposed to be about,” she added.

Haley said that as a pro-life female governor, she made every effort to use her platform appropriately - “not to lob attacks at people who disagreed with me, not to diminish the other side, but to reframe the debate, to explain that being pro-life is not about being for or against women.”

“It is about being for a baby’s right to live – the most basic right there is,” she said.

Haley said America is “a place where life is valued and protected, and yet, today, in this country, our leaders debate whether a baby born after a failed abortion has a right to live.”

“Let that sink in for a minute. It is something you might hear about in other parts of the world or something out of a horror movie. Not here. Not in America. In so many other aspects, human life is a priority in our country. Think of the lengths we go to defend the rights of the accused in our criminal justice system so people don’t unjustly have their freedom taken away,” she said.

“Think of the lengths our military goes to prevent civilian casualties in war, often risking our own soldiers’ lives to do it. Think of the resources our medical system expends to prolong the life of the terminally ill. Respect for human life is who we are as Americans. It is right there in the Declaration of Independence. You can’t have liberty and the pursuit of happiness without the right to life,” Haley said.

“That’s why Susan B. Anthony List’s work is so important. You understand we need laws – and lawmakers – who will protect the right to life. To ensure those in Washington share our values, you have activated a nationwide network of more than 700,000 Americans ready to educate our fellow citizens on pro-life issues. You work tirelessly to support pro-life candidates, especially women, and advocate for policies that save lives,” she said.


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