Klobuchar: Camp David Not the Right Venue to Meet with Taliban

By Melanie Arter | September 9, 2019 | 11:12am EDT
(Photo by ALEX EDELMAN / AFP/Getty Images)

(CNSNews.com) – Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) criticized President Donald Trump’s decision to meet with the Taliban at Camp David which he eventually cancelled, telling CNN’s “State of the Union with Jake Tapper” on Sunday that Trump is “treating foreign policy like it’s some kind of game show.”

Asked for her reaction to Trump’s initial decision to have the Taliban and the president of Afghanistan meet at Camp David for negotiations, Klobuchar said, “Well, like so many leaders, I spent last night trying to figure out the meaning of the president's tweet. To me, this is just no way to conduct foreign policy.



“Yes, we should be negotiating with the Afghan government,” she said, “and we should be negotiating with the Taliban to try to end the bloodshed in this country that has been going on for decades.

“The whole focus of this, of course, is to bring our troops home, which I strongly support, but this time, you see again that he has some kind of hastily arranged summit, which no one knew was happening. OK. But he didn't even seem to have an agreement or even close to an agreement when he set the summit,” the senator said.



“Then the excuse that's used to end the summit and take it down is the fact that, tragically, an American service member died, as well as other civilians, but then they kept negotiating after that happened through Saturday. So, the whole thing doesn't quite make sense to me, and it's just another example of the president treating foreign policy like it's some kind of game show,” Klobuchar said.

“This isn't a game show. These are terrorists, and, yes, you want to try to end the bloodshed and talk to them and see if an agreement can be met, and you want to do it with our allies, and you want to keep those hard-fought democratic reforms in place,” she said.

“But the way he conducts foreign policy -- this reminds me exactly of North Korea. He loves the showmanship. He wants to have that moment, but then all the details aren't done, and then we end up in a worse place on the world stage than we were before,” the senator added.

When asked whether Klobuchar as president would ever be willing to have Taliban come to Camp David, she said, “If you had an ironclad agreement, you could look at anything. To me, that didn't seem like the right venue to have this agreement made. That was my first reaction. You don't want to rule anything out, but the main point here is that you want to have an agreement. You want to have it done with your allies. You want to make sure that you're ready to go.

“This is a very fluid situation,” the senator said. “The president of Afghanistan, which is our ally here, they are going to have an election in the fall, and the president has been doing these negotiations. Fine. I think most people have not questioned that we want to bring our troops home. I want to bring our troops home.

“It's just the way he does it. You think about trade policy, where he says he's going to slap a bunch of tariffs on, on August 1, and then for $300 billion, August 12, they take back half of them. The next day, he says he's going to reduce taxes. Then he changes his mind. The world is watching. China is watching. Russia is watching. They realize the weakness that this creates when we don't have consistency. There is this old saying in foreign policy and in trade negotiation: keep your promises and keep your threats. He keeps neither,” she said.


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