Kasich: Republicans Will Win If They Fix Obamacare, Solve DACA

Melanie Arter | November 13, 2017 | 1:12pm EST
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(CNSNews.com) - Ohio Gov. John Kasich told ABC’s “This Week” that if Republicans want to be successful in upcoming elections they need to pass “a good tax bill,” reform Obamacare, and “solve the DACA problem.”

“Well, look, I think if they pass a good tax bill, if they start to say, we're going to solve the DACA problem, if they begin to reinforce our commitment to our allies, I mean, it's not too -- too late to turn this around,” Kasich said when asked what are the Republicans chances in next year’s election.

“But if it's, we're going to take health care away from people, this is the one thing I don't understand where the Republicans are. Does Obamacare need reform? Of course, it needs reform,” he said.

“However, in the meantime, it has destabilized the markets, so now we have a plan. We have the Alexander-Murray plan, which is very similar to the plan that governors, my colleagues and I, put together. You know what it does? It reduces the deficit slightly, and it takes no one off of health care, and it stabilizes the market, and they say, that's not a good plan. What is it they want?” Kasich said.

The governor said the Democrats successful elections last week in states like Virginia and New Jersey “had to do with the tone, in my opinion, of our country.”

“And a lot of people are saying, I don't like the tone, I reject the negativity. You know, we're better than that. And so to me -- and then I heard some Republicans saying, well if we would have just killed Obamacare, that would have helped. Well, I mean, throwing 25 million Americans off of health care, who the heck is thinking that that's good? First of all, I don't care if it's good politically, it's wrong,” he said.

When asked if last week’s elections was a rejection of President Donald Trump, Kasich said it was a rejection of the negative.

“Here's the thing, there's two paths. Do people have trouble? Yes. So when people have trouble, how do you deal with it? Either you tell them, yes, it's really horrible and it's this person's fault, or you see them, you tell them there's a problem and you say together we can lift you up, and I want to help lift them rather than to say, well, you know, this immigrant took your job and that's -- that's not our country, that's not the best of who we are,” Kasich said.

When ABC’s Martha Raddatz said it sounded like Kasich was talking about Trump, the Ohio governor said, “There's a lot of Republicans who feel that same way. I'm not going there. I want to live on the positive side of things, and so if you want to say it's Trump, you say it. I don't have to name names, but there are other people that disappoint me in the party.”

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