France’s Macron Doesn’t Agree that Germany Is ‘Captive’ to Russia

By Melanie Arter | July 11, 2018 | 2:36 PM EDT

French President Emmanuel Macron and President Donald Trump (Screenshot)

( – French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday that he does not agree with President Donald Trump that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is “captive to Russia.”

In remarks after a pull-aside meeting between Trump and Macron, the French president was asked, “President Macron, do you agree that Angela Merkel is beholden to the Russians?”


“No, I think -- We just discussed the nature of that. We work together,” Macron said.

As reported, at a breakfast meeting in Belgium with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Trump thumped Germany for buying oil and gas from Russia -- the country that NATO was formed to protect against.

"You're just making Russia richer," Trump said. "I think trade is wonderful. I think energy is a whole different story."

He said countries like Poland refuse to buy Russian energy “because they don't want to be captive to Russia. But Germany, as far as I'm concerned, is captive to Russia because it's getting so much of its energy from Russia. So we're supposed to protect Germany, but they're getting their energy from Russia. Explain that.”

In remarks after a pull-aside meeting with Merkel, Trump said he and Merkel were “having a great meeting.”

“We're discussing military expenditure. We're talking about trade. We have a very, very good relationship with the Chancellor. We have a tremendous relationship with Germany. They've made tremendous -- you've had tremendous success and I congratulate you. Tremendous success. And I believe that our trade will increase and lots of other things will increase, but we'll see what happens over the next period of a few months,” he said.

Merkel said she was “very pleased, indeed, to have this opportunity here for this exchange of views, and indeed, we had an opportunity to have an exchange about economic developments, on issues such as migration, and also the future of our trade relations.”

“We also briefly touched upon the upcoming trips of the president. And let me say that I'm very much looking forward to further extending our exchanges in the future and enhancing them. I think they're very important to have those exchanges together. Because after all, we are partners, we are good partners, and we wish to continue to cooperate in the future,” she said.


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