Christie Disputes Obama Official on 'Big Takeaway Shot' from Trump’s Overseas Trip

By Melanie Arter | June 10, 2019 | 11:17 AM EDT

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Open Society Foundation President Patrick Gaspard (Screenshot)

( – Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie disputed what a former Obama official said was the “big takeaway shot” from President Donald Trump’s trip overseas.

During a roundtable discussion on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopolous,” Christie praised President Donald Trump’s speech marking the 75th anniversary of Normandy.


“Listen, the president had a really good week George, and a win is a win. The fact is that he was on the world stage on the 75th anniversary of Normandy, gave a very good speech at Normandy, I think in regard to that anniversary had what was I think a really good visit with the royal family,” he said.

However, Open Society Foundation President Patrick Gaspard, who once served as Obama’s White House political affairs director, said “the real takeaway shot” from Trump’s visit was his criticism of special counsel Robert Mueller and his remarks about illegal immigrants with the graves of U.S. troops who died in Normandy in the background.



Christie disagreed, saying Gaspard’s take is similar to other news networks that have a negative opinion and coverage of Trump.

“It was really quite striking to see a president of the United States, sitting in front of the graves of American troops who lost their lives in Normandy, making the ultimate sacrifice and going after war veterans and heroes like Bob Mueller and making the kinds of statements that he was making about those who are coming from Latin America, seeking humanitarian relief. That’s the real big takeaway shot from his trip overseas,” Gaspard said.

“Listen, that’s not the big takeaway shot. That’s the big takeaway shot if you watch some of the networks that are clearly negative towards the president. You can’t say that’s a bigger takeaway shot than him sitting with the queen. You can’t say it’s a bigger takeaway shot than him standing on Normandy or being with President Macron who again he had a very positive, productive conversation with,” Christie said.


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