Kirk Cameron on Christian Gathering 'Revive Us': For America, ‘This Could be a Red Sea Moment’

Mark Judge | October 12, 2016 | 11:58am EDT
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Kirk Cameron (AP Photo)

Kirk Cameron thinks that America may be facing “a Red Sea moment.” 

The phrase is inspired by the biblical story of Moses parting the Red Sea, allowing safe passage when things seemed most lost. For Cameron, a well-known actor and Christian, America has reached a point where it needs divine intervention and a spiritual revival based on biblical principles. 

Cameron is the organizer behind “Revive Us,” an October 18 meeting of artists, writers, musicians and pastors to pray, worship and brainstorm about how best to solve America’s problems. It was inspired when Cameron began asking notable leaders about the concerns that he himself was hearing from parents. The program will originate in Chicago and be simulcast to over 700 theaters across the country. It features Dr. Ben Carson, author Eric Metaxis, pastors Francis Chan and Dr. James MacDonald, best-selling author Jennifer Rothschild, and musical performances by Vertical Church Band and the duo Abby Ward and Isabella Cameron.

“I visit churches all over the country teaching marriage conferences,” Cameron, 46, told, “and I hear it all the time from couples. Moms are concerned about the future for their children. Dads know that something broken, that the nation’s on the wrong track. And they wonder if America is frankly in the last days of being a great nation. And they’re very concerned. And I want to say to them, I think there’s never been a more exciting time in America to be a Christian - to be a person deep faith in God. Because it’s when hope seems lost that God parts the waters, right? That’s when he splits the Red Sea. I think this could be a Red Sea moment for you, for me, for us in our American story.” 

He continues, “I challenged the smartest, wisest, most faithful friends I have to answer the question: at times like this, what can we do? Their answers literally inspired me. They refreshed my mind, they revived my heart, they filled me with hope and optimism. And I said, I’ve got to get this out to other people.” “Revive Us” will gather together some of the people Cameron consulted. 

Cameron has been acting since he was eight years old, first in commercials, then as Mike Seaver in the hit 1980s sitcom “Growing Pains,” and finally as the star of popular Christian films such as “Fireproof” and “Left Behind.”

"Revive Us" is not endorsing any politician or party. “I’m calling for a national family meeting," Cameron says. "I want the entire family of faith to gather, and we are on October 18, in nearly a thousand movie theaters all across the country…we’re going to gather together the night before the final presidential debate, to worship together, to pray together, and to learn how we can transform this nation from the inside out, and the bottom all the way up to the top.”

He continues, “When adversity hits, and it’s hitting the family right now, when our family gets together there will likely be hundreds of thousands of people worshiping praying and learning together…When the spirit of God begins to move in the hearts of his people, his family, we are unstoppable - absolutely unstoppable. God parted the sea for his family when all hope was lost, against all odds, with insurmountable odds and Pharaoh and his army against them and their backs up against the water, and God provides a path and they walk right through. I think this could be a moment like that If we come together in unity and lift our eyes to the King of Kings, the King of Heaven and Earth.”

Yet the Bible also says that the devil is the prince of this world.

“It really does make a big difference who you think rules the world,” Cameron replies. “The truth is that Jesus came to defeat the devil, and that’s exactly what he did. He destroyed the works of the devil. He said all authority has been given to me, both in heaven and on earth.”

Cameron sees a central modern problem as a very old sin - pride. “Pride and ego [are] the root of our trouble. It’s the root of our political troubles, the root of our religious troubles, the root of our family troubles. When we turn instead to an attitude of gratitude, that there’s a loving God creator that’s provided us with this world full of resources and full of opportunities, and more than that, that he came down and became one of us…and sacrificed everything so that we could know him, I mean, how wonderful that? What a demonstration of love that is. When you get to that place, all of a sudden your life is filled with wonder and gratitude and thankfulness and a desire to want to reach out and explore ways to make the world a bit more like heaven for everybody else. That’s why we’re Christians. We’re driven by faith and hope and love.”

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