Kevin Sorbo: ‘Country is Falling Apart…Our Forefathers are Turning Over in Their Graves’

By Mark Judge | July 6, 2016 | 12:00pm EDT
Kevin Sorbo (AP Photo)

“It’s crazy what is going on in our country.”

That’s the opinion of actor Kevin Sorbo, who recently spoke with about culture, Christian films, and his newest project, playing Joseph the father of Jesus in the film “Joseph and Mary.”

"Joseph and Mary," which was released in DVD and streaming video on July 5, tells the story of Joseph during the first 12 years of the life of Jesus.

“The whole thing behind it was to make it a story, make it an actor’s story in terms of getting out a message about this interesting look at the time between when Jesus was born to when he was 12 years old,” Sorbo says. “It is really dealing with Joseph. What did Joseph have to go through when he found out that his virgin wife was pregnant by God? How do you react to that? We don’t have transcripts on that. So I think he was humbled by it, I think he was in awe by it. I think he felt blessed that he was chosen to take on this task, so to speak.”

“Joseph and Mary” was directed by Roger Christian, who won an Academy Award for set decoration for his work on the original “Star Wars” film. Along with Sorbo, “Joseph and Mary” stars Lara Jean Chorostecki as Mary, Lucius Hoyos as the young Jesus. In the film, Joseph endures hardship to provide for Jesus, and offers spiritual guidance to a friend Elijah.

"I hope that people learn [from the film] that love and compassion is a good alternative in life," Sorbo says. "I'm a live and let live kind of guy."

While Sorbo, 57, is known for his action roles, such as Hercules in "Hercules: The Legendary Adventures" and Captain Dylan Hunt in the science fiction show “Andromeda,” he says he is increasingly stopped for the Christian films he has done such as “God’s Not Dead” and “Soul Surfer.”

"I get stopped all the time in airports; it used to be for 'Hercules' or 'Andromeda' but now it’s more for ‘God’s Not Dead,’ for that movies that I’ve done that are faith-based. People say, ‘Please make more movies like this.’”

Sorbo told what it’s like working on Christian-themed films, which he believes have gotten better in the last few years:

When you get a group of people that actually have a belief in God, and they’re doing a movie that deals with God, I think that, you know, as corny as it may sound, I think the set is blessed in some degree. And the production value and the writing, and everything on both sides of the camera, has just gotten better and better and better, and you can see it. You can see it in "War Room," you can see it with "Woodlawn." You can see it from the stuff Mark Burnett’s doing. There’s a lot of people out there…that are better and better movies with great production values. And people want to see these. Because they’re tired of all the trash that’s on TV and movies that are overly sexualized or heavily violent. They don’t want their eight-year-old and ten-year-old watching that.    

The actor thinks that part of the reason why faith-based film are doing so well is that the country is having social problems brought on by the loss of faith and patriotism:

You look at the way the country is falling apart, you look at the anger. Racism is higher than it’s been in 50 years. All this stuff, all these problems are coming to a head. We’re going to see more Ferguson’s. We’re going got see more Baltimore’s. We’re going to see more Islamic terrorist attacks. Everybody wants to just turn their heads and look the other way and say everything all right, well not everything’s all right. There’s reason we have rules. There’s a reason we have laws. 

I look at my friends who are atheists and say, “You, know, the Ten Commandments overall, still pretty good rules to live by. ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ - OK, pretty good rule." It’s unfortunate that we live in a society now, we’re a secular country. Our forefathers are turning over in their graves. I think Martin Luther King is turning over in his grave, looking at what is going on with the so-called African-American leaders of America today. They are totally opposite of what he tried to talk about and portray. So it’s amazing to me. JFK would be a Republican today. All you have to do is listen to his inaugural address. He talks about any country doing ill will to America, doing ill will to any of our allies, us, we will come after you.  His greatest quote, which is on his grave site, is “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” That’s gone. Now it’s, what can you do for me, government? We want cradle to grave caretakers. And college students complaining about, oh, I’m offend by this, I’m offended by that. I’m sorry, but colleges aren’t day care centers, Grow up, you’re supposed to be turning into adults at that point. It’s crazy what is going on in our country.

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