Liberal Websites Help Kucinich Search for Soul Mate

By Melanie Arter | July 7, 2008 | 8:21pm EDT

( - Two liberal websites are playing matchmaker for Democratic presidential candidate and Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

Touted as a "politically correct" matchmaking contest,, in conjunction with, is launching a search in the vein of "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?"

The winner of the "Who Wants to Be a First Lady?" contest will be flown to meet the congressman, and the two will be treated to dinner.

Candidates are asked to e-mail their "biographical information, personal statement and a photograph." The website promises not to publish candidates' last name, but asks for a phone number for confirmation.

The idea came about after Kucinich's comments during a Nov. 5 Democratic presidential debate. When asked about the role of the first lady, Kucinich said: "As a bachelor, I get a chance to fantasize about my first lady. And you know, maybe Fox will want to sponsor it as a national contest or something.

"But in any event, I would definitely want someone who would not just be there by my side, but be a working partner because I think we're in a day in age when partnerships are imperative to making anything happen in the world," Kucinich said.

"And I certainly want a dynamic, outspoken woman who was fearless in her desire for peace in the world and for universal single-payer health care and a full employment economy. If you are out there, call me," Kucinich added.

In a statement on Thursday, Kucinich thanked the website's efforts to help him find a future first lady.

"I am very flattered by PoliticsNH's offer to provide an opportunity for me to meet one of the many dynamic women who have contacted their website. The response over the past week has been amazing. Women really like the idea of a partnership in the White House with a shared commitment for peace and prosperity. We can work together to end war and to nurture all children," the presidential candidate wrote.

"We are in a new era where true inner equality requires that a first lady be respected for her intellect, her passion, her involvement and her commitment to people. I see that demonstrated in the many communications that have reached me since I began this discussion last week. I want to thank each and every one of the women who have called, written, e-mailed or contacted the website. I look forward to our meeting," Kucinich concluded.

Some of the responses on the site include one from a Louisiana woman named Susan, who writes: "Meeting Dennis Kucinich would be a welcomed opportunity. The need for a universal single-payer health care system is essential.

"Evaluating other countries systems (pro's and con's) would be the first step. Acknowledging that there is no perfect system and probably never will be is important. However, reviewing systems successes and failures would contribute to the substance of a firm platform to build off of," the woman wrote.

A 28-year-old California woman, who claims she's never heard of Kucinich, said she entered the contest to win a ticket home to visit her parents, who lives in New Hampshire full time.

"I have no idea what [Kucinich's] platform is generally, nor where he stands on specific individual issues, like the right to choose, the death penalty, our nation's economic and foreign policies, etc.," the woman admits, adding that the congressman's voting record "is completely opaque to me.

"I have no idea how old he is, nor what he looks like. I don't know any of his personal history. All that said, I feel that I'm as qualified as any other contender here to be his first lady! Heck, I'm more qualified: I'm young, have never been married, have no children, am Ivy League educated, am self-supporting and drive a really cute car," the woman concluded.

For those not interested in dating Kucinich, the website even encourages those seeking a "liberal-minded soul mate" to apply for a free match.

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