Liberal Radio Host to Protestors: ‘One Answer to These Corporate Thugs: Go F--- Yourselves’

By Christopher Goins | October 7, 2011 | 2:48 PM EDT

Nationally syndicated talk radio host Mike Malloy. (Photo:

( – Liberal talk radio host Mike Malloy told a group of protestors to tell the so-called “corporate state” to “go f—k yourselves.”

Malloy made his remarks from a stage set up at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, where a large crowd was protesting, in similar fashion to the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City.

Malloy, a former CNN writer who now hosts the nationally syndicated “Mike Malloy Show,” told the crowd:  “The 99 percent of us who are not the ultra-wealthy are being told that this breakdown, this chaos, this malfunction of society is the result of natural forces at work, that there is nothing to be done -- this is a lie. The corporate state is demanding ownership of everything: our education system; our economy; our government; everything.”

He continued: “To this there is only one answer to these corporate thugs: Go f --- yourselves! We’ve had enough! How dare these greedy bastards -- give me all of it, give me everything, give me your body, give me your spirit, give me your soul, give me your planet, give me your life – f--- you!”

“Did they think we’re going to do this?” he said. “To continue this passive bulls--- that the corporations, the capitalists, the national security state has relied on for the past several decades. We have news for you Mr. Capitalist, Ms. Corporatist: the passivity is over. Your greed and your stupidity will now be met head on.”

Malloy is a former CNN news writer and Air America Radio hosts who got his start on talk radio in Atlanta, Georgia. His show is currently streamed through in Canada and the United States through Sirius XM and is carried by radio stations Monday-Friday in Portland, Oregon, Minneapolis, Minnesota, San Francisco, California, and Seattle, Washington.

The Freedom Plaza protests, while largely anti-war in theme, echoed the Occupy Wall Street movements in New York and some of the main organizers were from Occupy DC and the October2011 Movement.

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