VIDEO: Anti-Trump Protestors Vandalize Businesses, Cars, Kiosks in D.C.

Lauretta Brown and Katie Yoder | January 20, 2017 | 12:59pm EST
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Anti-Trump protestor vandalizes

building in Washington, D.C., 

Jan. 20, 2017. 


MRC Culture)

Andrew Eicher contributed to this story.

( -- The Anti-Capitalist Anti-Fascist Bloc’s DisruptJ20 Inauguration protest turned violent Friday morning as protestors gathered at Logan Circle in D.C. and marched down 13th Street.

Footage shot by MRC Culture and shows protestors vandalizing local businesses, destroying a limousine with hammers, spray-painting on walls and windows, smashing kiosks, and chanting “no cops, no borders, fight law and order.”

Local store owners huddled in the back of their businesses and telephoned police as their windows were smashed and spray painted with messages, including, “F--k Trump” and “Revolution or Death.”

Police eventually arrived on the scene and threw tear gas into the crowd and made arrests as protestors fled the scene and passersby and media huddled against buildings.

Among the group’s chants were “Black lives matter,” and “America was never great.”

(MRCTV/ Culture) 

They were dressed all in black and many wore hoods and masks to hide their faces. Vandals threw bricks and rocks into windows and smashed the windows of a limousine with hammers, as the video and pictures show.

The group’s website called for “everyone who opposes fascism and capitalism to join together and demonstrate how to prevent Trump and his cronies from implementing their program. Let’s bring a vision of a better world to Washington, D.C.”


Anti-Trump protestors of DisruptJ20 in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 2017. (Andrew Eicher/




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