Rep. McClintock Slams Obama’s Foreign Policy: ‘No Moral Equivalence between Good and Evil’

By Lauretta Brown | September 9, 2016 | 8:58am EDT
Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) (AP File Photo)

( – Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) said Thursday the “radical Islamic movement is determined to annihilate every Christian and Jew in the Middle East and, let’s not forget, dissenting Muslims as well; and they are well on their way toward achieving this goal.”   

He was speaking at a national advocacy day in defense of Christians on Capitol Hill.

McClintock said it is “height of naiveté” to believe that the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities will stop: "Let this be crystal clear: there is no moral equivalence between good and evil, and our nation’s government must cease to pretend that there is.”

He argued that what is at stake in the fight against ISIS “is precisely the extinguishment of freedom and enlightenment not only in the Middle East but around the world by a radical and retrograde ideology that is entwined in the movement to establish an Islamic caliphate over the world.

“We have leaders today in positions of power, particularly in the United States and Europe, who are either unwilling or incapable of making that simple and self-evident statement,” he said.

McClintock  mentioned specific foreign policy decisions by the Obama administration that he believes have been detrimental in the fight against radical Islam.

“They have given legal sanction to Iran to develop and deploy nuclear weapons within the decade,” he said. “They have revived the craven practice of paying ransom for hostages.

“They’ve repeatedly undermined the international position of the only reliable ally we have in that region, the state of Israel, and at the same time, they have opened the borders of the Western nations to unprecedented immigration from hotbeds of Islamic extremism with virtually non-existent vetting,” he added.

McClintock concluded that "anybody who values Western civilization with all of its freedom and dignity and prosperity and advancement" would see such policies as "suicidal madness."

“We are watching the rise of Islamic fascism on a scale that can soon rival that of Nazi fascism. It may be wrapped in different symbols and trace its genealogy through a different line but at its core, make no mistake, it is fascism.

“Listen to its virulent anti-Semitism,” he urged, “the explicit promise and determined practice of mass genocide, the utter rejection indeed the disdain for fundamental principles of democracy and justice and human rights.”

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