Prominent Rabbi: 'Kim Davis Is Literally the Flag and Banner-Carrier for God'

By Lauretta Brown | September 15, 2015 | 4:47pm EDT

Rabbi Yehuda Levin.  (Photo: screenshot/msnbc)

( – Yehuda Levin, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi and spokesman for the 850-member Rabbinical Alliance of America, said the arrest and imprisonment of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis because she refused to issue gay “marriage” licenses was “an example of homo-fascistic bullying,” and added that “we are jealous, jealous of Kim Davis” because of the “spiritual bounty” she has earned.

Rabbi Levin also explained that given the gross immorality of the current culture and related problems – corruption, lawlessness, civil unrest – it is clear to him and people of faith that there is a “spiritual holocaust” going on in America and “we are in some sort of an era of the end times.”

In an telephone interview, asked Rabbi Levin why he and Orthodox Jews are jealous of  Davis.

He said, “Because we have a teaching that goes back millennia that when somebody takes up the glory or the honor of God and does a good deed, if you will -- when everyone else is going South that person goes North, especially if it’s a self sacrifice -- that person will see a spiritual bounty, a reward in this world or the world to come, commensurate with all the millions of people who either were on the other side of the issue.”

Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis.  (AP)

“Kim Davis is literally the flag and banner-carrier for God on this issue,” said Rabbi Levin.  “She’s head and shoulders above the rest and that’s why we have, in a positive sense, a jealousy with regard to her.”

Levin stressed that while he did not have authorization to speak on this issue on behalf of the Rabbinical Alliance, he was “loosely speaking” on behalf of the sentiments of “many, many hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Jews throughout North America and beyond.”

“This has to become part of our jargon, the word is homo-fascist bullying,” Levin said of the Kim Davis situation.  “What this is, is an example of homo-fascistic bullying.”

The rabbi said the Davis situation was similar to what happened with Aaron and Melissa Klein, Christians who operate a bakery in Oregon but who were sued because they declined to make a cake for a homosexual “wedding.”

(AP photo.)

“What is forcing the Kleins to pay a $175,000 fine and not allowing the computer site that raises money for all kinds of causes not to allow them, when they were getting close to their goal -- they had $120,000 dollars -- to stop their fundraising efforts?” said Rabbi Levin.  

“What is that?” he said. “It’s homo-fascistic bullying.”

Rabbi Levin also criticized the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges decision (5-4) legalizing same-sex marriage, arguing that the attention drawn by Kim Davis’s situation can lend itself to arguments against the Court’s decision.

“A marriage between two people of the same gender is not a constitutional right no matter how elastic you make the Constitution,” he said. “Kim Davis’s incarceration and quite possibly potential future incarceration, perhaps in short order if she stands firm on the deputies in her office -- Kim Davis’s situation gives us the opportunity to regroup, reflect, and start to use this argument that I’m going to present to you.”

Kim Davis was arrested and jailed on Sept. 3 on a contempt of court charge because she refused to follow a court order to issue gay “marriage” licenses in Rowan County, Kentucky.  Davis was released on Sept. 8.

Rabbi Levin went on to argue that the Supreme Court was “rogue” and “illegitimate” in their Obergefell decision because some of the justices were “obligated to either recuse themselves or be disqualify.”

Justices “Kagan and Ginsburg performed openly same gender marriages way before sitting on this issue,” said Rabbi Levin.  “It is not an appearance of impropriety. This is an absolute impropriety they decided, they formed their philosophy in advance.”

“As horrific as the Dred Scott decision was,” he said, “the actual Supreme Court in those times was not as rogue and illegitimate as today’s Supreme Court, meaning that the seven or nine or however many justices made that ruling, they were seated legally and legitimately,” said the rabbi.  “There was no reason that they should have had to recuse themselves or be disqualified by their fellow justices.”

The argument that Justices Ginsburg and Kagan should have recused themselves from the Obergefell v. Hodges decision has been made by legal experts and politicians. The Rabbinical Alliance called for the Justices to recuse themselves prior to the decision.

Rabbi Levin further said that political and faith leaders should employ the language of “rogue” and “illegitimate” when speaking of the decision to call attention to this issue.

The rabbi also called attention to current events in addition to the same-sex marriage decision that, to him, signal “we are in some sort of an era of the end times.”

The Torah.  (AP) 

Levin cited the threat of terrorist attacks as well as natural disasters, saying, “We see crazy things happening with the weather, with the climate, and with the ecology we see the climate change, but they refuse to acknowledge who’s in charge of changing the climate. But the net takeaway from this is that terrible things are going on with our country.”

“Then there’s the economic basket case that the United States has become,” he said.  “Just witness the last few weeks with the China scare.”

“When we take the total of all of these things, it’s fairly obvious to people of faith that we are in some sort of an era of the end times,” said Rabbi Levin. “We believe that before that time there will be, in effect, a winnowing period -- in other words, people will have to choose sides. That’s exactly what’s happening now.”

“Even in Sodom they didn’t have the audacity historically to codify same gender marriage,” said the rabbi.  “According to our traditions, this only occurred once in history and that was right before the flood of Noah.”

“I tell you what is happening today is a spiritual holocaust, it’s nothing less, it’s the spiritual rape of America forcibly and it bears grave consequences,” Rabbi Levin said.

“For a Jew who has children and grandchildren in Israel and brothers and nephews, and my Jewish family in a greater sense, I’m totally scared of what the Iranian nuclear situation is,” Levin said.

He continued, “A greater threat than the Iranians obtaining nuclear weapons in the physical sense is the spiritual nuclear weapons that the other side is now using to bring us down into immorality.”

“And the younger generation, already polls showing, are very much on the side of homosexual marriage,” said the rabbi,  “and this has to be changed, and this has to be changed through education, household by household.”                        

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