Diamond and Silk: Obama ‘Terrible’ for Race Relations, ‘What Has He Done for the African-American Community?’

Lauretta Brown | June 9, 2016 | 4:32pm EDT
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YouTube personalities Lynette Hardaway

("Diamond") and Rochelle

Richardson ("Silk").  

(Screenshot: YouTube)

(CNSNews.com) – YouTube celebrities Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known as Diamond and Silk, spoke to CNSNews.com on Thursday about race relations in the United States since President Obama took office. Hardaway (Diamond) said she thought “he did a terrible job on race relations,” with Richardson (Silk) agreeing, asking, “What has he given back to Chicago?”

Diamond and Silk are sisters, video bloggers, and hosts of the “Viewers View” on YouTube. They were speaking Thursday at a “Women Vote Trump” event at the National Press Club.

CNSNews.com asked for their thoughts about Obama’s legacy on race relations.

“Listen, I think he did a terrible job on race relations,” Hardaway replied as her sister nodded in agreement. “You know, people were geared up, people were almost fed this guilt trip like, you know what, you better vote for him because he’s black and they did this here campaign, the Get Out the Vote campaign eight years ago.”

“Okay, all of these people voted for him but it didn’t help the hope and change,” she continued, “for people to walk around here with no hope that don’t even have enough change to buy them a loaf of bread.”

“Look at what’s happened down there in Baltimore, Chicago, look at those areas and Michigan,” said Hardaway (Diamond).  “All of those areas are in poverty, impoverished.”

“Where has Obama been?” she said. “He’s the first black or African American President, what has he done for the African American community? Look, people don’t want to talk about it, but it’s a fact.”

“And with him being from Chicago being in office for eight years, what has he given back to Chicago?” Richardson asked.

“We want someone that’s going to clean up these impoverished areas. Get it where people are thriving again.” Hardaway concluded, “The American people are speaking, it’s time for you all to start listening.”  

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