Bernie Sanders on Aid in Dying: People Should ‘Have The Right To Make That Decision For Themselves’

Lauretta Brown | February 19, 2016 | 3:44pm EST
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).  (AP)

( – Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a socialist, said that terminally ill patients who are suffering and would choose to die “have the right to make that decision for themselves,” in a Seniors Decide Forum on Wednesday hosted by the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations (LCAO).  

“We have to be extremely careful how these decisions are made,” Sanders said.  “A human being is in a situation where they are going to see their life end in a short period of time, where they are suffering, where they choose no longer to be alive. I think they have the right to make that decision for themselves.” 

Sen. Sanders appeared over Skype at the forum, held at George Mason University, and addressed key issues for older voters.

His video remarks on end-of-life decisions were tweeted by the American Medical Directors Association (AMDA), the Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine.

Hillary Clinton was also asked about her position on assisted suicide by a cancer patient as part of a CNN town hall earlier this month.

Clinton called it a “crucial issue that people deserve to understand from their own ethical, religious, faith-based perspective,” but she ultimately did not come out for or against it.

“I don’t have any easy or glib answer for you,” Clinton said. “I thank you so much for raising this really important, absolutely critical question that we’re all going to have to do some thinking about.”

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