Survey: 53% of Americans View NRA Favorably, 42% Unfavorably

Jonathan Mizrahi | June 29, 2018 | 11:37am EDT
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( -- A new Gallup poll finds that 53% of all Americans “view the NRA very/mostly favorable” while 42% view the gun-rights group “very/mostly unfavorable.”

On the political side, 88% of Republicans and 24% of Democrats view the group favorably.

In the survey, Gallup asked, “I’d like your overall opinion of some organizations. Is your overall opinion of [random order] very favorable, mostly favorable, mostly unfavorable, or very unfavorable? Next, how about the National Rifle Association, also known as the NRA?” 


53% of Americans responded they had a very/mostly favorable view of the NRA opposed to the 42% who had an unfavorable view of the NRA. Back in October 2015, 58% of Americans viewed the NRA favorable; 35% unfavorably.

In April 2005, 60% of Americans had a favorable view of the NRA; 34% unfavorable.

“Gun owners within both parties have more favorable views of the NRA than do each party's rank-and-file partisans,” said the survey firm.

Gallup reported that 94% of Republicans who own guns view the NRA favorably, opposed to the party’s overall 88% favorability rating. Although significantly lower, the gap between gun owners within the Democratic party and the general party view is more significant, as Gallup found that 43% of gun owning Democrats view the NRA favorably opposed to the 24% in the party overall.


Additionally, 75% of gun owners and 39% of non-gun owners view the NRA favorably.

For the survey, Gallup conducted telephone interviews, June 1-13, with a random sample of 1,520 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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