Bolton: First Thing Trump Asked Putin in Helsinki Was About Election Meddling

By Jonathan Mizrahi | August 2, 2018 | 7:15pm EDT
National security adviser John Bolton (Screenshot)

(—In a White House press briefing on Thursday, national security advisor John Bolton said that at the Helsinki summit, “the first issue that President Trump raised was election meddling.”

“The issue was discussed,” said Bolton in response to whether or not election meddling was addressed at the Helsinki summit with Russia President Vladimir Putin. “And in fact, President Putin said, I thought at the press conference, but certainly in the expanded bilateral meeting, when the two leaders got together with their senior advisors, President Putin said the first issue that President Trump raised was election meddling.”

Top White House officials have been beginning to stress the importance of the future of U.S. election integrity, pertaining to both 2018 as well as 2020.

“I think the president has made it abundantly clear to everybody that has responsibility in this area that he cares deeply about it [election meddling] and that he expects them to do their jobs to their fullest ability and that he supports them fully,” Bolton said.

Officials stated Thursday that they are working their best to make sure the American people are confident in election integrity, and that they are doing everything in th power to assure that what happened in 2016 does not happen in the future.


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