Gore Campaign: We're Appealing All the Way

Justin Torres | July 7, 2008 | 8:27pm EDT
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(CNSNews.com) - Gore campaign advisor Warren Christopher says he is "disappointed" by Judge Terry Lewis' decision and said Democrats would appeal the decision to the Florida Supreme Court and attempt to overturn any certification Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris makes to the state canvassing board.

"We expect the recounts will continue," said Christopher. "We must not let expediency compromise our basic precepts and principles."

Christopher added that the Gore campaign continued to maintain that Harris was wrong in maintaining that she was required to certify the election by midnight Friday. "It would frustrate the will of the people of Florida. It would be contrary to Florida law, which requires her to certify the election only after it has been determined which candidate received the largest number of votes."

Earlier Friday, in an interview on NBC's Today show, Christopher admitted, "We'll take all the legal steps we can" in the effort to see that the will of the people of Florida is carried out."

He came close to saying that the will of the people translates into a Gore victory: "To suggest that a victory should be declared when the counting goes on at the insistence of the Florida Supreme Court, with enough votes out there to change result, I think that would be quite a mistake, and I hope it won't happen," he said.

Christopher sees his mission as one of historic proportions. "Right now I think we're vindicating the votes of the people of Florida."

He also warned that "preemptive or premature statements" - if the Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris declares Bush the winner on Saturday, for instance -- will undermine public confidence in Florida's election results. "I do suggest she has taken some improper actions," he said.

"We think this can be over in days, not weeks or months," Christopher continued, "but we think the counting should go forward. . . . I just hope there aren't any Republican efforts to slow down that counting in some way."

Christopher called the manual recounts "the core of our democracy."

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