Target Promotes LGBTQ Pride Month Products For Children

Gavi Greenspan | June 18, 2018 | 1:44pm EDT
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Target Pride product, "AZIAM, Bliss
The Super Unicorn."

( – Target, the second largest retailer in the nation, is actively supporting and promoting LGBTQ Pride Month (June) and offering a variety of “Pride” products to customers of all ages, including children and babies.

In a statement on its corporate website, Target says, “Pride month is underway and we’re helping families get ready to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and #TakePride with a new, exclusive product collection. It’s just one way we show our longstanding commitment to the community.”

“For more than 20 years, we’ve supported local, regional and national LGBTQ+ organizations financially and through volunteerism,” says Target corporate. “And this year, along with our product collection and partnerships, we’ll we also have thousands of team member volunteers bringing community events to life across the nation. Read on to learn more about what’s happening.”


On June 5, @Target tweeted, “Happy Pride Month everyone! Who or what do you #TakePride in?”

Target states that it is selling more than 90 new pro-homosexual products, including “more apparel than ever for adults (including extended sizes) and kids, plus accessories, party supplies and more.”

On its #takepride webpage devoted to promoting its LGBTQ products, Target highlights the items for sale and some of its “Pride crew” members, such as “George” and “Gabriella.”


In the “baby clothing” section there is a “Pride Can You See All The Love Child Bodysuit,” which Target states is “perfect for your much-loved little one.”

“Featuring a T-shirt style, this gender-neutral baby bodysuit makes a sweet outfit all on its own, or can be layered under baby bottoms, jackets and cardigans,” says Target. “Best of all, it’s made from a soft, cotton-blend fabric to keep them comfy as they see nothing but love. Sizing: Newborn.”

A description for another newborn bodysuit reads, “Your little cub will look completely adorable — while spreading some positive vibes — in the Pride Bear with Sunglasses Baby Bodysuit.”


Target sells a “Pride Kids’ Dino Costume Hooded Sweatshirt,” reportedly great for “Pride festivities.” The description reads, “Your kiddo is going to love wearing the Pride Dino Costume Hooded Sweatshirt everywhere — at school, home, play dates and Pride festivities alike.”

“The black hoodie features rainbow stripes on the hem and sleeves, a red full-length zipper and a rainbow-striped lining,” says Target. “Colorful spikes extend up the back, while eyes on the hood complete the adorable dino look. This Pride sweatshirt adds a playful touch to any outfit they cook up, whether they wear it over a tee and jeans or a tank top and skirt.”

Target also sells the “Pride Kids’ Short Sleeve Love Unites T-Shirt,” which says “Love Unites.” The description reads, “Have your little one show some support for the LGBT community with the Pride Short-Sleeve Love Unites T-Shirt. Featuring three happy rainbows with smiley faces and text that says ‘Love Unites,’ this short-sleeve Pride T-shirt will bring some bright, whimsical style to their wardrobe while spreading good vibes.”

“Whether they're getting ready for some fun Pride festivities or just putting together a casual weekend outfit, your child will love pairing the tee with jeans, cut-off shorts or even chinos and their favorite sneaks for a cool, fun and comfortable outfit,” claims Target.


Some conservative organizations expressed concern about Target promoting LGBTQ month and a pro-gay agenda.

Joseph Grabowski, director of communications for the National Organization for Marriage, said, “Target has been promoting the LGBT agenda for years and trending this way despite continued signals from consumers that some of the changes are unwelcome.”

“One such change that caused a media stir was the decision to allow biological men to use womens' changing rooms and restrooms at Target stores, which many felt ‘opened the door’ (quite literally) to predators and deviants who would abuse such a policy with voyeuristic intent,” said Grabowski.

“More generally, though, Target is emblematic of a broader problem over the past several years of coastal elites being out-of-touch with ordinary Americans,” he said.  “Whether the elitism is in Hollywood, in the media, or in corporate America, we've seen a worrisome trend of marginalizing traditionally-valued people while catering to the parochial prejudices of smarmy celebrities.”

“Our hope is that people will begin to reconsider where they spend their money -- vote with their wallets, so to speak -- and thereby communicate truth to power that the agenda being promoted by Target and others in the business community is out of touch with the way many (if not most) Americans believe and think,” said Grabowski.


 In a statement to, the American Family Association (AFA) said, “Target is free to push whatever social movement it wants to, but in signing onto the LGBTQ agenda, it has done so at the expense of its customers. More than two years ago, Target publicized its dangerous and misguided policy allowing men into their women’s bathrooms and changing areas – predictably leading to disastrous results for victims of sexual crimes.

“More than 1.5 million people have signed onto the AFA boycott of Target – saying enough is enough,” reads the statement.  “Sometimes, pushing a leftist agenda costs a company money; Target stubbornly refuses to learn that lesson.”

“Who wins the day remains to be seen,” said the AFA. “However, Target is simply one more example of a large well-known corporation making its position known on a controversial social issue.”

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