Huckabee: CNN’s Antifa Reaction Is Why It’s Called ‘Fake News’

By Gavi Greenspan | August 13, 2018 | 4:58pm EDT
Mike Huckabee. (YouTube)

( -- Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a Republican, tweeted on Monday that CNN has earned its “Fake News” label because of stunts such as calling Antifa an “anti-hate group.”

In his Aug. 13 tweet, Huckabee said, “It’s why CNN is known as Fake News as they actually called violent Antifa thugs ‘anti-hate groups.’ Antifa is just left mirror image of racist idiots. I guess they fight hate by being hateful in the same way they fight fascism by acting like fascists.”


To back his claim, Huckabee shared a Twitchy article that showed tweets accusing Antifa protesters of using violence and saying incendiary things.

The tweets said things like, “By ‘Anti-Hate Groups’ CNN is referring to the folks who said all cops are racist and beat up a journalist.”


And, from Washington Post reporter Perry Stein,  “Antifa seemed to have thrown two smoke bombs. One landed in bush near police. Cops got in there quickly.”


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