Sting: Obama Isn’t Doing Enough To Fight Climate Change

By Eric Scheiner | September 22, 2014 | 12:45pm EDT


People's Climate Change March (AP Photo)

( - Musician Sting took part in the People’s Climate March on Sunday, telling a reporter he didn’t believe President Obama was doing enough to address the issue.

A Democracy Now! reporter discussed the march in New York City with the singer and asked, “Do you think President Obama is doing enough?”

“Nope. I don’t think anybody is doing enough frankly, I think we need to really pull our resources to make sustainable energy a reality,” Sting said. “You know, the world is full of energy – solar power, wind - we can do more than just dig oil out of the ground and destroy the climate.”

“There’s a UN Climate Summit on Tuesday, your thoughts about that?” the reporter asked. “There’s concern about the level of corporate involvement.”

“A lot of corporations will pretend they’re trying to save the planet and they are doing the opposite. I have no patience for that kind of whitewash, we’ve got to be careful,” Sting said.

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