Sharpton Leads Chant – ‘We Won’t Be Trumped’

By Eric Scheiner | January 16, 2017 | 1:56pm EST
A crowd gathers for the National Action Network Rally at the National Mall on Jan. 14th 2017. (screengrab)

( - Rev. Al Sharpton and his National Action Network held a rally on Saturday, where he led the crowd in chanting, “We won’t be trumped.”

Sharpton, the MSNBC host of PoliticsNation, said the event was to bring attention to “four non-negotiable issues”; voting rights, economic justice, the Affordable Care Act, and criminal justice and police reform.

“And some of us went to Sanford, Florida and stood up for Trayvon Martin,” Sharpton told the crowd at the National Mall. “And we’re going to stand up for Eric Garner. And we’re going to stand up for Walter Scott. And we’re going to stand up for Tamir Rice. You may switch presidents, but we are going to just switch legs and keep on marching. We won’t back down. We won’t be trumped! We won’t be trumped!”

“We won’t be trumped!” the crowd chanted.

Sharpton said they were not going to try to appeal to President-elect Donald Trump, but to members of the House and Senate instead.

“We come to say to the Democrats in the Senate and in the House and to the moderate Republicans - to get some backbone. Get some guts,” Sharpton told the crowd.

“We didn’t send you down here to be weak-kneed and get in the room and try to make friends. We sent you down here to stand up for senior citizens, to stand up for students that can’t pay their loans, to stand up for victims of police abuse. If you can’t do the job than we’ll come here and bring you back home. We are not going to compromise on those four things.”

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