Cruz: Media Should Ask Democrats Why They Didn't Delay Obamacare Before Government Shutdown

By Eric Scheiner | November 14, 2013 | 12:26pm EST

Sen. Ted Cruz (R.-Texas)

( -Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wants the media to ask Democrats why they are considering a delay to ObamaCare now, and why they voted to shut the government down instead of supporting a delay back in September.

Cruz made the comments Thursday while discussing the government shutdown at the Washington Ideas Forum.  “It’s interesting, in the last few weeks, over a dozen Democrats have publicly called for delaying ObamaCare in significant respects. The House voted to do that.

“What I would suggest to all our friends here in the media: anytime those dozen Democrats are here on this couch with you, you ought to ask, ‘Well, if you support delaying part of ObamaCare, why did you vote to shut the government down because that's what the House did?’

“The reason was, it was a simple partisan political decision by the White House.”

Cruz told the audience that he didn’t want the government to be shut down. "Throughout the whole thing, I said we shouldn’t have a shutdown.”

On September 29, 2013, the GOP offered to fund the federal government in exchange for a one-year delay of the implementation of ObamaCare. The measure passed the House but died in the Senate, resulting in a government shutdown the following day.

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