Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson: We Run Cleft Palate Fund ‘Because of What Christ Did for Us’

By Emily Ward | November 13, 2018 | 10:13 AM EST

Missy Robertson (Screenshot)

The Duck Dynasty television show's Missy Robertson says her Christian faith is “the reason” she and her husband Jase manage the Mia Moo Fund, which raises awareness and funds for research and treatment of cleft palate.

“It’s the reason we’re doing it,” Robertson told in a phone interveiw, when asked if her Christian faith inspired her in her work with the Mia Moo Fund. “Because even though Mia, you know, put that on the forefront of our minds, the reason we’re doing it is because of our love for each other and our love for other human beings, our love for other ones that God created.”

“Because of what Christ did for us, definitely, we want to be there for other people,” she added.

Robertson said the Mia Moo Fund is dedicated to providing both emotional and spiritual help, and added that the “ultimate goal” is to help people get to Heaven.

“It’s not just about writing checks, again,” she said. “It’s about being there emotionally. We want to be there spiritually for people because, you know, it doesn’t really matter if we fix everything here on earth and we’ve missed Heaven. You know, we just make it easier for people here on earth, that’s great, but we want people to go to Heaven. That’s the ultimate goal.”

The Robertsons started the Mia Moo Fund in 2014 after their daughter, Mia Robertson, underwent surgery for cleft palate.

Missy Robertson said that, when Mia was born in 2003 with a cleft palate, “It was tough going through that at the beginning” because there was so little public awareness of, and information about, cleft palate. In response, the Robertsons decided to help American families in similar situations.

“15 years ago it was very hard to find out a lot of information about cleft lip and palate, and so we’re trying to expand that just to, to help people and support them,” Robertson said.

The Mia Moo Fund’s most recent fundraiser was “Poker at the Plantation,” a poker tournament on Oct. 26 on the Robertsons’ plantation that raised a net total of close to $90,000. The next day, 22 families helped by the fund visited the plantation for a weekend of fun and games, including a carnival and a potluck.

The day also included a group therapy session for parents of children with cleft palate. “Mia Moo Fund is not there just for financial reasons, but also for emotional support, so this was an amazing day that we were able to really be there for emotional support for these families,” Robertson told

“To have 22 sets of parents and grandparents in a room together to be able to share with each other, and know that the ones listening to you completely understand what you’re going through, was amazing,” Robertson said.

The organization also facilitates “parent partnerships” to connect families in the U.S. with other families in the same regions or towns, so they can “support each other face-to-face.”

More information on the Mia Moo Fund and donation opportunities is available online at

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