Ryan: Applaud Trump, He 'Disrupted' The Nuclear 'Status Quo' With North Korea

By Emilie Cochran | June 13, 2018 | 12:22 PM EDT

House Speaker Paul
Ryan (R-Wisc.) (CSPAN)

(CNSNews.com) – At the Capitol on Wednesday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) said that President Donald Trump disrupted the “status quo” of U.S. relations with Communist North Korea, which was “needed,” and added that the president “should be applauded for doing that.”

At the Republican press conference, a reporter asked Ryan, “Mr. Speaker, do you view Kim Jong-un as a great guy who just wants to do right by his people?”

Ryan said, “Look, um, the status quo was not working with North Korea. What was the status quo with North Korea? They were racing toward a nuclear weapon, they were racing toward having multiple independent ICBMs with nuclear tips on top of them. We needed to disrupt the status quo and the president has disrupted the status quo. He should be applauded for doing that.”

“We should be under no delusion of our experiences with North Korea,” said Ryan.  “It’s a terrible regime, they’ve done terrible things, and they’ve been deceitful in the past. But, it’s really important that we disrupt the status quo like the president has.”

Communist North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un and President Donald J. Trump. (YouTube)

“I’m encouraged by the negotiations that are now taking place between Secretary Pompeo and the North Koreans,” said Ryan.  “The path we were on was not working. Prior administrations have failed to fix this, and so it’s really important that we dealt with this issue as it was because it wasn’t getting any better.”

“The president should be applauded for disrupting the status quo,” said the Speaker, who is resigning at the end of the year.

“Now, let’s go get an agreement and we should be under no delusion that this is going to be fast, this is going to take time, and we have to make sure that we have irreversible, comprehensive denuclearization of North Korea,” he said.

“So, that’s what we need to get out of this,” said Ryan. “I’m pleased the president has gotten us to the position that we are in. Time will tell how this ends.”

Emilie Cochran
Emilie Cochran
Emilie Cochran

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