Rick Perry: 'We Will Do Everything We Can to Protect' the Unborn

By Craig Millward | June 22, 2015 | 12:36pm EDT
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry

(CNSNews.com) - Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry said at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority conference on Saturday, “We will do everything we can to protect” the unborn, and “in God's eyes, there is no such thing as an unwanted child.”

“I am running to be your president, all of you - for the unborn, whose potential is God-given, whose conception is a demonstration of God's infinite grace. Those lives matter, and we will do everything we can to protect them,” Perry said.

Perry then noted how he passed a parental consent law, parental notification law, a sonogram law and a 20-week abortion ban as governor of Texas.

“You know not every child is born into ideal circumstances, but in God's eyes, there is no such thing as an unwanted child,” he said.

The Road to Majority Conference is an annual conference of faith and conservative activists sponsored by the Faith and Freedom coalition in partnership with the Concerned Women of America.

Other speakers on Saturday included former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), Live Action President Lila Rose, Heritage Foundation Senior Legal Fellow Hans von Spakovksy, Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins, Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder and CEO Jenny Beth Martin, and Bill Bennett, host of “Morning in America with Bill Bennet.”  

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