Huckabee: Why Does U.S. Make Religious Accommodations to Muslim Detainees But Not Christian Clerks?

By Craig Millward | September 17, 2015 | 10:36am EDT
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( - During the Republican presidential debate at the Reagan Presidential Library on Wednesday night, former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-Ark.) asked why the United States is willing to make religious accommodations to Muslims detained at the Guantanamo Bay prison and not to Christian county clerks who do not want to sign same-sex marriage licenses.

Huckabee made the observation after CNN’s Jake Tapper asked him about Rowan County, Kentucky, Clerk Kim Davis, who was put in jail for not executing same-sex marriage licenses.

“You've called what happened to Kim Davis, that clerk, ‘an example of the criminalization of Christianity,’” said Tapper. “There are several people on the stage who disagree with you.”

“I am here to fight for somebody who is a county clerk elected under the Kentucky constitution that 75 percent of the people of that state had voted for that said that marriage was between a man and a woman,” said Huckabee.

“The Supreme Court in a very, very divided decision decided out of thin air that they were just going to redefine marriage,” he said. “It's a decision that the other justices in dissent said they didn't have and there wasn't a constitutional shred of capacity for them to do it.

“I thought that everybody here passed ninth-grade civics,” said Huckabee. “The courts cannot legislate. That's what Roberts said. But heck, it's what we learned in civics.

“The courts can't make a law. They can interpret one. They can review one. They can't implement it. They can't force it,” he said.

“If the court can just make a decision and we just all surrender to it, we have what Jefferson said was judicial tyranny,” Huckabee said.

“We made accommodation to the Fort Hood shooter to let him grow a beard,” said Huckabee. “We made accommodations to the detainees at Gitmo. I've been to Gitmo, and I've seen the accommodations that we made to the Muslim detainees who killed Americans.

“You're telling me that you cannot make an accommodation for an elected Democrat county clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky?” said Huckabee. “What else is it other than the criminalization of her faith and the exaltation of the faith of everyone else who might be a Fort Hood shooter or a detainee at Gitmo.”



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