Conservatives Say Good Riddance to an 'Anti-Family' Politician

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:06 PM EDT

( - New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, a Democrat, has riled conservatives for years, and news of his self-induced downfall has produced "widespread disgust," according to one pro-family group.

Just last month, another conservative group sought prayers to stop Spitzer's pro-abortion crusade.

"More than any governor, Spitzer has tried to destroy the man-woman marriage definition and to license homosexual 'marriages,' Randy Thomasson, president of the California-based Campaign for Children and Families, said on Monday.

"As Attorney General, he harassed pro-life crisis pregnancy centers," Thomasson said, noting that as news was breaking about Spitzer's alleged involvement in a prostitution ring, Spitzer was scheduled to speak to New York's largest pro-abortion organization, Family Planning Advocates. Thomasson said the group supports unlimited tax-funded abortions, without regard to a girl's age or the number of tax-funded abortions in a calendar year.

"Spitzer has embraced anti-family public policies since day one," said Thomasson. "Is it any surprise that his so-called 'private' policies are also destructive to his own family? His immoral practices have made him unfit for public office. It's sad that his wife stood next to him, instead of distancing herself to show her real hurt and disapproval."

Thomasson said a person's character and private life do matter. "What is inside eventually shows on the outside. The reason that America is disgusted with the alleged prostituting lifestyle of Eliot Spitzer is because America's moral compass is still working. Fortunately, the United States has not forgotten how to blush."

'May God intervene...'

Last month, a conservative group made Gov. Spitzer one of its "prayer team targets."

The Family Research Council warned on Feb. 28 that Spitzer was preparing for the possible reversal of Roe v. Wade by pushing for a state law that would declare abortion to be a "fundamental right" for women.

The FRC described Gov. Spitzer as a "long-time abortion advocate who rose to power with support from NARAL and Planned Parenthood."

Moreover, in 2002, while serving as New York attorney general, Spitzer "embarked upon a failed effort to close down New York's Crisis Pregnancy Centers, planning to charge them with practicing medicine without a license." Spitzer was forced to back down under public pressure, the FRC noted.

Then came the FRC's prayer pitch: "May God intervene to stop Governor Spitzer from succeeding in this evil ambition to make abortion a "fundamental right" in New York! May pro-life New Yorkers somehow prevail, even as they did when he pursued Crisis Pregnancy Centers in 2002! May New Yorkers arise and stir their neighbors to understand the consequences of pursuing this course, and may this bill be defeated!" the FRC wrote on Feb. 28.

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