Trump Says He and Putin Talked on Phone for ‘Almost an Hour and a Half'

By Staff | November 22, 2017 | 11:20 AM EST

President Trump talking with reporters before boarding Marine One, Nov. 21, 2017. (Screen Capture)

( - As he was boarding Marine One yesterday to depart for his Thanksgiving holiday at Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump told reporters that he had had a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin that last “almost an hour and a half.”

Trump says they talked about “peace in Syria,” North Korea and Ukraine.

The Trump-Putin telephone call came up when a reporter asked Trump: “What did you say to Vladimir Putin, sir?”

Trump said: “We had a great call with President Putin. We're talking about peace in Syria -- very important. We're talking about North Korea. We had a call that lasted almost an hour and a half. We've just put out a release on the call. But we're talking very strongly about bringing peace for Syria. We're talking about very strongly about North Korea and Ukraine.”


Just before the president departed, the White House released a statement describing Trump’s phone conversation with Putin:

“President Donald J. Trump today spoke with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia for more than one hour. The presidents affirmed their support for the Joint Statement of the United States and the Russian Federation, issued at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit on November 11. Both presidents also stressed the importance of implementing U.N. Security Council Resolution 2254, and supporting the U.N.-led Geneva Process to peacefully resolve the Syrian civil war, end the humanitarian crisis, allow displaced Syrians to return home, and ensure the stability of a unified Syria free of malign intervention and terrorist safe havens.

“The two presidents affirmed the importance of fighting terrorism together throughout the Middle East and Central Asia and agreed to explore ways to further cooperate in the fight against ISIS, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and other terrorist organizations.

“President Trump and President Putin also discussed how to implement a lasting peace in Ukraine, and the need to continue international pressure on North Korea to halt its nuclear weapon and missile programs.”

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