Sen. Elizabeth Warren: ‘Child Care Should be a Fundamental Right. Period’ Staff | February 24, 2019 | 11:31am EST
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Getty Images/Scott Olson)

( - Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) sent out a Tweet on Saturday arguing that child care should be a “fundamental right” and promoting her plan to use federal funds to pay for a “universal child care plan.”

“Child care should be a fundamental right. Period,” said Warren. “Here’s how my #UniversalChildCare plan would make that a reality.”

The Tweet included a video graphic that summarized Warren’s plan.

“Under Elizabeth’s universal child care plan: A family of 4 making $50,000 a year and paying $11,000 a year in child care costs could access high-quality child care for free,” it said.

“Saving $11,000 a year,” it said. “Win for parents. Win for children. Win for our economy.”


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