Rob Reiner (AKA ‘Meathead’): ‘The President of the United States is a Lying Racist Criminal’

By Staff | August 19, 2019 | 2:07pm EDT
Rob Reiner with then-Sen. Hillary Clinton, April 3, 2008. (ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

( - Actor and director Rob Reiner, who played ‘Meathead’ in the 1970s television program “All in the Family,” sent out a Tweet on Sunday accusing President Donald Trump of being “a lying racist criminal.”

“I think this bares [sic] repeating: The President of the United States is a lying racist criminal,” said Reiner in his Tweet.

Reiner frequently issues Tweets attacking Trump.

“I hear Donald Trump hates being called a racist,” Reiner said in an August 12 Tweet. “But I guess not enough to stop being one.”

Reiner has advocated Trump’s impeachment.

“The case for Impeachment of the grotesque Presidency of Donald Trump is overwhelming,” Reiner said in a August 11 Tweet. “Our 243 yr. experiment in Democratic self rule is on a collision course with racist White Nationalism. Congress must act as if America’s life depends on it. Because it does.”



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