Pelosi: ‘This Is The Biblical Power to Cure…We Want That Power to Cure to be Available to Everyone’

By Staff | June 17, 2019 | 12:04pm EDT
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( - At a press conference in San Francisco on Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) said that the health care agenda that Democrats in the House of Representatives are pursuing includes advancing what she called the “the biblical power to cure,” which is a power they want to make “available to everyone.”

“Let’s think about health care writ large,” Pelosi said in her opening remarks at the press conference. “Let’s talk about our investment in National Institutes of Health which are greatly increased in the bill that we stayed up all night because they insisted we vote on every amendment.

“This is the biblical power to cure, the biblical power to cure and we want that power to cure to be available to everyone,” she said, “services for everyone and we need more funding for Alzheimer’s for sure.”

The press conference was part of what Pelosi called the “Health Care For All Americans Weekend of Action.”

“I thank you for giving us this opportunity to be part of a drumbeat across America--over 140 Democratic House Members this weekend are having events in their communities or online events, teleconferencing events, to listen to constituents and also to talk about how we go forward--how we have a plan to again preserve the Affordable Care Act, preserve the pre-existing medical condition as a right and also to lower the cost of prescription drugs,” Pelosi said.

Here is an excerpt from Pelosi’s opening remarks at her press conference:

Speaker Pelosi: Thank you Marissa. Thank you very much Lottie, thank you Andrew, thank you Morgan, thank you all. I want to acknowledge in the audience some guests we have, Liam Cronin, who is here with his mother, Patty Ryan and his father Pat Cronin, thank you for coming and bringing your beautiful son here today.

Thank you for the conversation we are having about juvenile diabetes – diabetes in any form – because your voices are the strongest ones. The most eloquent ones. Whether it was the Little Lobbyists, children with pre-existing conditions, or would acquire what would be considered a pre-existing condition being deprived of health care because of the pre-exisitng condition and the lifetime limit. I want to mention the lifetime limits because we removed them in the Affordable Care Act, very essential as well, and the impact of diminishing Medicaid also had an affect on the children.

So, here we are. Let’s think about health care writ large. Let’s talk about our investment in National Institutes of Health which are greatly increased in the bill that we stayed up all night because they insisted we vote on every amendment.

This is the biblical power to cure, the biblical power to cure and we want that power to cure to be available to everyone, services for everyone and we need more funding for Alzheimer’s for sure. What it means whether we are talking about diabetes, whether we are talking about cancer, or we are talking about Alzheimer’s or any diagnosis, we are talking about productivity in our country. If you just want to take it from a pragmatic standpoint, how we are depriving the country by depriving people of reaching their full potential, we deprive the country of their productivity.

So this a matter of life and death. It is truly is. Our special guests demonstrated the difference between, say, a junk plan which is just money for the insurance companies. If you get sick, too bad, we are going to investigate if you’ve ever smoked in your life and didn’t remember that as a pre-existing condition.

I am so proud of the guests who are here and those who are part of the patient advocacy groups which are so essential to saving the Affordable Care Act and improving it. We know it needs to be improved so that we remove all doubt that it will be there for people. And that this is happening all over the country this weekend. 140 House Democrats having events and, as I say, that is just the start of the drumroll we will have across the country on this issue.

In the spirit of San Francisco, we would not think of leaving people out of the loop of access to benefits, we respect the dignity and worth of every person. All of you work so hard on this. I just want to hold up the HealthRight360, providing care to California – is this a brochure? Is this a magazine? A case statement. Thank you.

But all of you have stories to tell. My daughter, Christine, is Chair of the Women’s Caucus of the California Democratic Party where they advocate for women’s reproductive rights as well as women’s veterans and the rest. So many people so active. We want to vote. All we are saying to Mitch McConnell is give us a vote. Do your job. Right, Jackie and Mike? Do your job. Give us a vote. The American people know what this means. I’ve said to my Republican colleagues, ‘Do yourself a favor, don’t stand in between a parent and a child who has health needs, whether it is a child with disabilities or a child with a diagnosis or whatever it is. You are going to be getting in the way of the most determined, the most determined people in our country.’ You see that in hearing what Lottie had to say, what Marissa had to say as well as your Nana. Your Nana looking after you and I’m sure Andrew’s parents as well but also Liam’s beautiful parents who are here and other parents here today.

I thank you all for coming. I thank the doctor again, Dr. Eisen, for her tremendous leadership. Health care is a right, not a privilege, we all agree and she does so by respecting the dignity and worth of every person. And all of you, thank you for being here today. Thank you so much.

I will take some questions from the press on this subject because that is why we are here. Yes, ma’am?




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