Nancy Pelosi: ‘My God, I Thought It Was Mary and Joseph’ Staff | April 12, 2019 | 11:45am EDT
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(Getty Images/Alex Edelman)

( - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) said at a pen-and-pad press briefing on Thursday that when she heard that President Donald Trump had said we could no longer allow people to illegally cross our southern border because “our country is full,” she likened it to the Holy Family being turned away at an inn.

“When the President said--what did he say? We don’t have the room? My God, I thought it was Mary and Joseph at Christmas,”said Pelosi.

“We have no room? There is no room in the inn? What is this?” said Pelosi.

“Of course there is room and there is need,” she said. “If you talk to some economists they will tell you the best thing we can do to grow our economy is to have comprehensive immigration reform.”

President Trump traveled to Calexico, California last Friday to hold a conference on border security with Border Patrol officials.

“We have a system that is full. It's just full,” Trump said at that conference.

“And I was telling some of the people before if it's full there's nothing you can do about it,” Trump said. “We have some horrible court decisions that have been made over the years. It's very unfair and that's the way it is but the system is full and when it's full there's nothing you can do. You have to say we are sorry we can't take you.”

“It is a colossal surge and it's overwhelming our immigration system and we can't let that happen,” said Trump. “So as I say and this is our new statement, the system is full, can't take you anymore. Whether it's asylum, whether it's anything you want. It's illegal immigration; can't take you anymore.”

“We can't take you. Our country is full,” said Trump. “Our area is full, the sector is full, can't take you anymore. I'm sorry. Can't happen. So turn around. That's the way it is.”

“So our system is full. We are not taking them anymore, okay? Can't do it. We can't do it,” Trump said. “You know you can go up to a point where we can't do it anymore.”

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