Ilhan Omar: ‘Create a Fair and Accessible Pathway to…Citizenship for All Undocumented People’

By Staff | July 18, 2019 | 3:55 PM EDT

(Getty Images/Alex Wroblewski)

( - Rep. Ilhan Omar has published a policy statement on her website that calls for providing a pathway to citizenship for “all undocumented people” in the United States of America.

Omar’s call for legalizing and ultimately offering citizenship to all “undocumented people” in the United States appears as part of “Ilhan’s Vision,” a statement of her policy goals included on her website.

One subsection of “Ilhan’s Vision,” carries the headline: “Establish a Just Immigration System.”

The first provision it features says: “Create a fair and accessible pathway to legal status and citizenship for all undocumented people living in the U.S., including DREAMERS and TPS recipients.”

Another provision says: “Expand the number of refugees and asylum-seekers admitted to the United States.”

Another says: “End the President's xenophobic Muslim Ban and hold the Administration accountable for its reckless abuse of power.”

And another says: “Adopt community-based alternatives to detention.”

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