Gallup: LGBTs More Likely to Marry Opposite-Sex Partners Than Same-Sex Partners

By Staff | June 26, 2017 | 4:51pm EDT
New York City Pride March (Screen Capture)

( - According to Gallup polling done between June 2016 and June 2017, “LGBT” Americans are more likely to be married to a spouse of the opposite sex than one of the same sex.

“An increasing percentage of LGBT adults now identify their marital status as single or never married,” said a recently published analysis by Gallup. “That has always been the dominant status among LGBT individuals, but has increased from 47.4% to 55.7% over the last two years.

“LGBT Americans are still more likely to be married to an opposite-sex spouse (13.1%) than a same-sex spouse (10.2%), but the gap is narrowing,” said Gallup.

According to prior research on LGBT identification, roughly half of those who self-identify as LGBT are bisexual, helping explaining the high proportion of LGBT individuals who are married to opposite-sex partners,” said Gallup. “Gallup's question does not probe specifically for whether LGBT individuals are lesbian or gay or bisexual or transgender.”

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