Cory Booker: ‘We Have a Leader in the White House Who Chooses Who to Protect & Support Based on Racism & Bigotry’

By Staff | April 20, 2019 | 9:22 AM EDT

(Screen Capture)

( - Sen. Cory Booker sent out a Tweet on Friday in which he said that President Donald Trump makes decisions “based on racism and bigotry.”

“We have a leader in the White House who chooses who to protect & support based on racism & bigotry,” Booker said in the Tweet.

“That's not leadership at all. That's playground politics,” Booker said. “We need a president who will represent all of our country's people. And we won't accept anything less.”

The Tweet included a short video clip of a speech in which Booker, reading from a teleprompter, spoke partially in Spanish.

“We are a great nation because of all our people,” Booker said, “and to the people across the country who don’t speak English as their first language I want to say to many of you: Yo voy a ser un presidente para toda nuestra gente en nuestra pais.”

To see Booker's Tweet and watch the video clip click here.


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