Bernie Sanders: “Greenland Lost 250 Billion Tons of Ice. A City…in India is Running Out of Water’

By Staff | August 30, 2019 | 4:09pm EDT
(Getty Imags/Justin Sullivan)

( - Sen. Bernie Sanders (D.-Vt.) sent out a Tweet on Thursday listing some of the changes in the environment he believes necessitate his “Green New Deal.”

“This year alone,” he wrote, “Anchorage, Alaska hit 90 degrees for the first time.”

“Greenland lost 250 billion tons of ice,” he said.

“A city of 9 million in India is running out of water,” he said.

“Fires in the Amazon threaten a major source of the world’s oxygen,” he said.

“That is why we need a #GreenNewDeal.”

In another Tweet sent out today, Sanders said: “If the environment were a bank it would have been saved already.”

And in another Tweet today, he said: “Republican politicians who refuse to even recognize the reality of climate change will go down as one of the greatest embarrassments in our country’s history.”

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