Chevy Chase: 'When Obama's Reelected...'

By Nicholas Ballasy | April 14, 2011 | 7:20pm EDT

( – Actor and comedian Chevy Chase told that "I believe very much" in President Barack Obama and that "when he is reelected ... we'll see a number of different changes."

Chase was asked if President Barack Obama has lived up to his expectations concerning environmental policy.

Chevy Chase (Matt Sayles AP Photo)

“It’s too early to tell. He’s young. Maybe he has not anticipated or hadn’t yet anticipated, with perspective, a way to gauge what’s going to be most important to the electorate and to people as he came in because he’s young. Perhaps he came in with all sorts of great thoughts and found out that in fact, in order to make things happen he had to deal with upper most issues as it were that were political,” said Chase at the National Wildlife Foundation’s gala in Washington where his wife, Jayni, was being recognized for her work with the Center for Environmental Education.

“I think that when all is said and done and he’s re-elected, that we’ll see a number of different changes. Not only for him but also for the Congress and for and I’m talking about midterm elections etcetera. I think there’s no question that since 1972 and earlier than that when I was around in the 60s, we’ve known that something’s got to be done but it just keeps taking a backseat. I don’t think that’s going to happen with him.” also asked Chase what he thinks is the most important issue to the electorate.

“The electorate is made up of a lot of predominately men who like to fight who at 18 have the biggest balls of all and are sent off to war who are ready to fight each other and have little concern for the softer things in nature,” he replied.

“When you get to be my age, you begin to understand what nature is, even the nature of man so I believe that he’s still young and that he will come up to understanding a little bit more about the entire life of this world and not just human life. That’s my opinion.”

Chase also said environmental issues are “down the list” of priorities for President Obama.

“I think that there’s no question that it’s down the list because of so many other reasons that are political. One needs to get elected again before one can really put into place certain issues so I think it’s around number six with the environment but I think, I believe very much in this guy,” he told

“I think he’s smart. I think he understands these needs. When all is said and done, the easy answer is what Rob Redford said tonight and it doesn’t mean that he’s taken the easy out but this is about our kids, our children and what they will be able to enjoy and live with and how they should be the top of the line when it comes to the top predator in controlling wildlife.”

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