Buchanan Launches New Conservative Opinion Magazine

By Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:20 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - A new biweekly conservative opinion magazine that its publishers say will challenge the Washington beltway establishment with "energy, insight and style" was formally launched Wednesday.

The magazine is entitled "The American Conservative." It is being published and edited by conservative pundit and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, former New York Post editorial page editor Scott McConnell and Greek shipping heir and New York Press contributing editor Taki Theodoracopulous.

They believe the magazine will re-ignite debate in the conservative movement.

The magazine will focus mostly on foreign policy and national security as well as immigration issues. The first issue hits the stands next month.

The cover story is entitled "Iraq Folly: How Victory Can Spell Defeat," written by Eric Margolis, author of the book entitled, "War at the Top of the World-The Struggle for Afghanistan and Asia."

"We're trying to take back the good and great name of conservative from what I believe are right-wing impersonators who have hijacked and perverted that name to advance causes that conservatives never used to believe," said Buchanan at a Washington news conference.

Buchanan conceded there is no shortage of conservative magazines, talk radio dominates the airwaves and that several talented "right of center" television commentators remain popular.

But he said there has been "a great, often unarticulated discomfort in the ranks of many who considered themselves conservative during the past few decades." He believes the magazine will address their concerns.

"We believe in free markets but we don't worship free markets and the invisible hand of (conservative economic philosopher) Adam Smith is not the hand of almighty God. We reject open borders and the 'olly olly in free' immigration policy," he said.

"We are not isolationists but we are non-interventionists. I don't believe providence deputized us to democratize the entire Islamic world and convert it to Gordon Gecko capitalism," said Buchanan.

He also emphasized the magazine will not feature articles from those who call themselves "neo-conservatives."

"We are not neo-anything. We are old church, old right and we believe in the old republic and whenever we hear phrases like 'new world order', we tend to release the safety catch from our revolvers," he said.

Buchanan will continue to write his syndicated newspaper column and host his weekday talk show with liberal commentator Bill Press in addition to editing his new magazine.

Theodoracopulous has deposited one million dollars into the project. The magazine will include paid advertising, mostly from book publishers and non-profit organizations.

The New Republic, a leading liberal opinion magazine in a recent issue predicted Buchanan's magazine would be a "surefire flop."

Calls to conservative magazines "National Review, Human Events and Weekly Standard" seeking further comment Wednesday were not returned.

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