Gallup: 71% of Americans Support Right-to-Work Laws

By Brittany M. Hughes | September 4, 2014 | 12:05 PM EDT

(AP Photo)

( - Seventy-one percent of Americans say they would vote in favor of a right-to-work law, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Gallup asked a random sample of 1,032 adults: “Some states have passed right-to work or open shop laws that say each worker has the right to hold his job in a company, no matter whether he joins a labor union, or not. If you were asked to vote on such a law, would you vote for it, or against it?”

Only 22 percent said they would vote against such a law, and 7 percent had “no opinion.” Of those polled, 7 percent said they were currently a member of a labor union, Gallup reported.

“The poll finds 82 percent of Americans agreeing that ‘no American should be required to join any private organization, like a labor union, against his will,’" Gallup said in its analysis of the survey.

“By 64% to 32% percent, Americans disagree that workers should 'have to join and pay dues to give the union financial support' because 'all workers share the gains won by the labor union,’” the analysis said.

The percentage of Americans who support right-to-work laws was up 9 points from 1957, which was the last year Gallup surveyed the questions. That year, 62 percent of all Americans said they favored a right-to-work law, with 27 percent saying they opposed it, and 11 percent saying they had “no opinion."

The poll had a margin of error of +/-4 points.

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