Bozell: ABC, CBS, NBC ‘Deliberately Censoring’ Bad News on Obamacare

Michael W. Chapman | April 11, 2013 | 1:08pm EDT
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L. Brent Bozell III, president of the Media Research Center.

( – Media Research Center President Brent Bozell, based on a new analysis, said ABC, CBS, and NBC “are deliberately censoring news and information” that is negative about Obamacare, an assertion that Stuart Varney, host of Fox’s Varney & Co., said was true, adding, “There is deliberate censorship of information about Obamacare.”

On the Apr. 11 edition of Varney & Co., Bozell said the network new outlets – ABC, CBS, and NBC – “are deliberately censoring news and information from the American people” that reveals some of the negative and unpopular aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the president’s health care law that is popularly known as Obamacare.

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Bozell then cited an analysis by the Media Research Center’s (MRC) deputy research director, Geoff Dickens, which examines five major facts and developments about Obamacare that the networks have not covered – zero stories.

The analysis shows that 33 Democrats joined with at least 40 Republicans in the Senate to repeal a 2.3 percent sales tax, vital to funding Obamacare, on medical devices. The networks did not report this story.

In late March, the Society of Actuaries released a study showing that, partly because of Obamacare, health claims will increase an average 32 percent, and some states will see an increase of 80 percent.

President Barack Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. (AP Photo)

“The study estimated that states will now have to double their health spending to cover the millions of the previously uninsured,” reported the MRC.  Yet ABC, CBS, and NBC did not report on the premiums’ increase.

Also on Mar. 26, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius disclosed that health insurance premiums will rise for some people in the fall 2013 because of Obamacare. “Network news stories: zero,” said Bozell.

Another report on Apr. 3 revealed that the health insurance exchanges, central to Obamacare’s operation and designed to apparently help small businesses deal with health care coverage, are being delayed for another year.  The networks did not report on this topic.

Also, Bozell told host Stuart Varney, “April 4th, you have a poll -- this was a good one -- that says that two out of three Democrats now believe that Obamacare will hurt them or not help them. Overall, 78 percent of the American people now believe that Obamacare is going to hurt them, not help them. Only 15 percent of the American public believes that Obamacare is going to help them.”

“Put them all together: No single network news story on any of that,” said Bozell.  “Now, I rest my case, they're censoring information.”

Varney said, “No question, Brent. You've laid out the case and I'm buying it. There is deliberate censorship of information about ObamaCare.”

On Apr. 9, Fox’s Lou Dobbs Tonight, a cable program, reported on the MRC analysis. Host Lou Dobbs  reviewed the major points from the study and the non-coverage by ABC, CBS, and NBC, emphasizing the “zero” stories by the networks.

“The watchdogs at ABC, CBS, and NBC behaving just like lapdogs, pink poodles, little tiny pink poodles,” said Dobbs.

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