Biden Confuses Wright State for Wayne State

By Christopher Goins | September 12, 2012 | 2:42 PM EDT

Vice President Joe Biden. (AP Photo)

( – He did it again.

Vice President Joe Biden, speaking at an Ohio school, confused the school’s name with a similar-sounding school in Michigan.

Biden said: “That’s why for those of you struggling to send your kid to school or to college or to keep your kid in a college, whether that’s a community college or a Wayne State University. Any college you –”

The crowd quickly shouted over Biden: “Wright State.”

“Wright State,” Biden said correcting himself.

“It also includes Wayne State University. It also includes the University of Delaware. It also includes the university, and so on. Anybody that wants to, anybody struggling to keep their child here at Wright State University,” he said punctuating the Ohio school.

“And Wayne State University,” he said moments later. “Anybody doing that knows how hard that is.”

Wayne State University is located in Detroit, Mich., about 230 miles north of where Biden spoke Wednesday.

Wright State University, where Biden spoke Wednesday, is located in Dayton, Ohio.

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