‘Batman’ Actor Attempts to Visit Persecuted Pro-Life Activist in China

By Philip Shepherd | December 27, 2011 | 6:26pm EST

(CNSNews.com) – Chai Ling, a former leader of the Tiananmen Square protests against Communist Chinese rule, wrote a letter to actor Christian Bale, thanking him for his attempt to visit Chinese pro-life activist Chen Guangcheng, who has been persecuted for years by Communist authorities and is currently under house arrest.

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Bale, in China for a movie premiere on Dec. 15, tried to visit with Chen Guangchange, a blind, self-taught lawyer who opposes China’s one-child policy and forced abortions. When Bale approached Chen’s house, Communist authorities pushed him around, knocked over a news cameraman, and forced the actor to leave.

Chen Guangcheng, a blind activist in China who exposed abuses under the government's one-child policy, has been under house arrest since his release from prison in September 2010. (AP Photo.)

However, Bale’s attempt has brought greater international attention to the situation and the need for others to stand for freedom in China, said Chai Ling in a press release, calling Bale’s stand “immensely courageous.”

Chen was arrested in 2006 and sentenced to four years in prison following his exposure of 130,000 forced sterilizations and abortions in his village in 2005.  Rumors about his health -- he lost his sight at an early age and has been beaten frequently by Chinese authorities -- have strengthened the call for his release from house arrest coming from human rights groups throughout China and in other nations.

Concerning Bale’s attempted visit to the activist, Chai Ling said in a letter to the actor: “I pray that you will continue to remember your experience when you return to the US and that you will continue to be a voice for the voiceless.”

Chai Ling also mentioned other attempts by human rights volunteers to visit with Chen for the National Day of the Blind, which resulted in the volunteers being pushed away, threatened, and, like Bale, followed by security forces in a car.

Ling encouraged Bale to connect with Rep. Chris Smith (R. -N.J.) who is applying for a visa to visit Chen.

Tiananmen Square human rights leader Chai Ling. (AP Photo)

“There is no doubt that the courageous action taken by Christian Bale and Congressman Smith will bring the needed attention to speed up Chen’s release,” said Ling.  “We call believers to pray in the name of Jesus for Chen Guangcheng and others who were imprisoned unjustly to be released immediately.  Chen’s six-year-old little girl deserves freedom with her parents this Christmas.”

Chai Ling, founder of All Girls Allowed, Inc., is a two-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.  She is familiar with standing up to injustice.  Her new book, A Heart for Freedom, documents her experiences as commander in chief of the Tiananmen Square Democracy Movement in 1989.  According to the organization’s Web site, All Girls Allowed is dedicated to “restoring life, value, and dignity to girls and mothers revealing the injustice of China’s One-Child Policy.”

Read Ling’s letter to Christian Bale here.

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