Texas Top Destination for Migrating Taxpayers in 2013, New York Biggest Loser

Barbara Hollingsworth | August 26, 2015 | 1:58pm EDT
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New York City skyline. (AP photo)

(CNSNews.com) – Texas was the top destination for American taxpayers on the move between 2012 and 2013, with 152,477 people moving to the Lone Star State from other parts of the country.

Texas’ in-country migrants accounted for “more than half of the net migration into the South,” according to a report released last week by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

In contrast, New York lost the largest number of taxpayers during that same time period, with 113,861 taxpaying residents leaving the Empire State.

“New York made up more than half of the net loss from the Northeast,” the IRS reported, noting that the “data do not represent the full U.S. population because many individuals are not required to file an individual income tax return.”

Southern and Western states generally gained the most taxpayers due to in-country migration in 2013, with Northeastern and Midwestern states suffering the steepest declines, according to the report, which is based on “year-to-year address changes reported on individual tax returns filed with the IRS.”

Southern states gained a total of 280,782 taxpayers and Western states gained 28,939, the IRS noted.

However, Northeastern states lost a total of 198,451 taxpayers and Midwestern states lost 108,418 taxpaying residents, the IRS reported.

“The single largest net migration was from New York to Florida (17,355 people on 7,861 returns),” according to the report. After Texas, Florida gained 73,789 taxpayers, followed by South Carolina (28,905), Colorado (26,380), and North Carolina (25,911).

After New York, the highest out-migration of taxpayers was in Illinois (minus 68,245 taxpayers), California (minus 45,995), New Jersey (minus 35,357), and Pennsylvania (minus 22,165).

The IRS says that members of the Millennial generation, aged 18 to 34, were the most likely to pick up and move to a new state.

“Returns filed by primary taxpayers ages 34 or younger were at least twice as likely as those in any other age category to have migrated to another State between Calendar Years 2012 and 2013,” the report stated.

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