Supporters, Foes of Sen. Sessions Gear Up for Next Week's Confirmation Hearing With Dueling Videos

By Barbara Hollingsworth | January 6, 2017 | 4:32 PM EST

Screenshot from Judicial Crisis Network's "Getting It Right" video in support of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL). (YouTube)


( – Supporters and foes of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general, are gearing up for his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing next week by releasing dueling videos that present diametrically opposing views of the conservative Alabama senator and former U.S. attorney.

One video portrays Sessions as a caring and effective public servant who goes the extra mile for his constituents, while the other depicts him as an extremist who opposes civil rights and poses “a real danger” to the American people.

A video by the Judicial Crisis Network’s (JCN) project entitled “Getting It Right” includes testimonies from Alabama residents who have dealt with Sessions firsthand.

Johnny Spann recounted how Sessions comforted his family after his son, Marine Capt. Johnny Michael Spann, became the first American to be killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan.

The JCN video also includes a comment by Randy Hillman, executive director of prosecution services at the Alabama District Attorneys Association, who said: “I think particularly law enforcement and prosecutors are elated [that] Senator Sessions has been nominated for the attorney general’s position.”

 “After eight years of lawlessness and politics at the DOJ [Dept. of Justice], Sessions will bring change.  Alabamians know about his character and accomplishments, but we wanted to share some highlights of his distinguished career with the rest of America,” said JCN president Carrie Severino, who does not appear in the video.

“Senator Sessions is a good man whose service to his state makes it clear that he will turn DOJ around and make it an agency that every American can be proud of.  He will abide by the Constitution, he will put public safety ahead of political agendas, and he will prosecute corrupt public officials regardless of political party,” she said.

Screenshot from video opposing Sessions' nomination for attorney general. (YouTube)

However, another video posted on YouTube by entitled “Stop Jeff Sessions” is much less complimentary to the attorney general nominee.

“We recognize that his confirmation poses a real danger to the American people,” Wade Henderson, president and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, said in the video.

Sessions “has been the architect of the most extreme views and positions that have been promoted by President-elect Trump and by himself in the Senate,” added Janet Murguia, president and CEO of the National Council of LaRaza.

“As much as his team might try to distract the American public, Jeff Sessions can’t run or hide from his racist comments and votes… Sessions should acknowledge that his track record of opposition to civil rights makes him unfit to be attorney general and withdraw his nomination," campaign director Jamiah Adams said in a statement.

However, with 52 Republicans in the Senate following the November 2016 elections, the GOP has enough votes to confirm Sessions if there are no defections. Outgoing Attorney General Loretta Lynch was confirmed 56-43 by the Republican-led Senate in 2015.

In 2013, the Democratic majority unilaterally axed a Senate rule that required 60 votes to stop a filibuster on Cabinet-level appointments.

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