Monckton: Political Danger Rises As Evidence of Global Warming Declines

Barbara Hollingsworth | July 7, 2014 | 4:32pm EDT
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Lord Christopher Monckton (Tea Party Patriots)

( – Although the latest temperature data from the Remote Sensing System’s (RSS) satellite shows no global warming for 17 years, 10 months, Lord Christopher Monckton warned that “the danger to democracy gets more severe as the climate problem begins to look less and less severe.”

Monckton, who will be delivering a keynote address Wednesday at the Heartland Institute’s Ninth International Conference on Climate Change in Las Vegas, warned that  “the totalitarians around the world have now seized upon climate change as the central weapon they’re going to use to get the countries of the West in particular to agree, in very large areas of policy, to abandon democracy in favor of government by an international elite that nobody elects.”

“And I’m going to say there is a danger to democracy in the way that this is developing,” he told

“And it’s going to be a race to see whether we can stop the worst happening, which is going to be in Paris in December next year, by continuing just to go on telling the truth about:

  • What is actually happening to the temperature, which is it hasn’t risen now for getting on for a couple of decades;
  • What’s actually happening to sea level, which is that it’s barely rising at all, and may even be falling;
  • The truth about hurricanes, which is that they’ve shown no increase for 150 years;
  • The truth about floods and droughts, which is they’ve shown no particular change ever since man could have had an influence;
  • The truth about various extreme weather events, which is that they have always happened in the past, will be likely always to happen in the future, and don’t appear to have any particular link with us.”

“We have to get this truth out and get it out clearly and very quickly,” Monckton said.

“Because this is not a scientific matter at all. It’s a political matter. It’s an excuse for the absolute centralization of power in hands which we do not elect. And I’m an old-fashioned believer in the wisdom of crowds, expressed through the ballot box. I don’t want to see us lose that," he added.

“At the moment, we are in grave danger of losing it, and the next big moment of danger will be in Paris in December of next year, which is their next big push, same style as Copenhagen, to inflict this climate treaty finally upon us whether we like it or not.”

According to the satellite data, the Earth stopped warming in August of 1996, nearly 18 years ago.

“The governing class is being proved wrong every month as the next lot of temperature data come out,” said Monckton, a former aide to British prime minister Margaret Thatcher who is now the chief policy advisor at the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI).

He also pointed out that the actual global temperature rise is “exactly half of what was predicted in the IPCC’s [U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] first report 25 years ago, and well below the lowest rate they predicted.”

“And this at a time when CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is rising at record levels,” he said. “Even I am surprised there’s no warming, and I’m now going back and looking at my equations and saying have I over-egged the pudding as well in saying we can expect any warming from CO2?”

Monckton calls the lack of any statistically significant temperature increase even as CO2 emissions have increased dramatically over the past 17 years “a puzzle which has certainly shaken the climate modeling community to its foundations. They are privately and internally very worried by this,” he told

“They won’t say so publicly because they want to go on getting lots of grants to go on pretending there’s a problem and they need to have these vast models, which have been so relentlessly wrong in the direction of exaggeration ever since they first started doing this. But privately they are deeply concerned.”

The lack of global warming does not justify the “enormous financial cost” involved in trying to reduce carbon emissions worldwide, Monckton said.

“Even if they were right on the science, the correct policy economically is to spend nothing now and pay the cost of later and lesser adaptation to such warming as may happen,” he told “It’s still cheaper to do nothing and let it happen than try to stop it now. Ten to a hundred times cheaper.”

Monckton praised the work of Dr. David Evans, a Stanford-trained electrical engineer, who found a “mysterious notch filter” that shows the sun’s magnetic field declining during times of maximum solar radiation in roughly 11-year cycles.

“What David Evans has done over the past two years…is construct a complete and working climate model of his own…researching incoming solar radiation using hundreds of data sets which he has managed to link to the calculating engine in his model, so it is an enormous piece of work.”

“And he’s found that you can account for the whole of the temperature change since, I think 1749, solely by looking at changes in solar radiation,” Monckton said.

According to Evans, “the fans of the CO2 dominant models are not going to be happy. It seems the climate is an 80-20 sort of thing, where there is a dominant influence responsible for 80% of climate change and a tail of 20% of other factors. It turns out that the CO2 concentration is not the 80% factor, but in the 20% tail. An indirect solar influence seems to be the main factor.”

"The notch-delay (ND) solar theory provides a second, alternative solution to the climate problem. No longer is climate a ‘one horse race’, where you are limited to either supporting the CO2 theory or focusing on its deficiencies,” Evans writes, noting that his new theory “predicts imminent global cooling.”

“The carbon dioxide and ND solar theories have been in agreement over the last century due to generally rising carbon dioxide and solar radiation, but now they sharply diverge." Evans pointed out. "Only one of them can be correct, and soon we’ll know which one."

The sun (AP/NASA)

“I know of five different groups at the moment working on the solar radiation theory, taking different approaches to it,” Monckton told “All coming to more or less the same conclusions: That you can indeed use the sun to explain everything… So that part of the official story line, which says that there is no way we can explain recent warming except by CO2, is no longer true.”

Monckton was also part of a group that debunked the often-repeated claim that 97 percent of climate scientists believe that past global warming was generated by human activity. The claim came up again at a hearing of the Senate Environmental and Public Works Subcommittee last month.

“We had to read that very paper that they’re citing,” Monckton told “We had to deconstruct it. We took their data file of 11,994 published papers on climate and related fields from 1991 to 2011 and did two searches, one manual and one computerized to make sure we got the result right. And we found that the people who had originally conducted that survey had themselves marked only 64 papers – or 0.5 percent of the entire sample – as saying that most of the warming since 1950 was caused by us.”

“That’s the consensus. It’s 0.5 percent,” he said.

Monckton, an internationally known “skeptic” on global warming, has attended all of the recent U.N. climate conferences. Because of what he saw, he’s particularly worried about the next one, which will be held in Paris next year.

“At Copenhagen [Denmark] in 2009 they tried to pass a climate treaty. Now I got an advance copy of that treaty from a scientist who reads everything and he managed to find it on an obscure U.N. website…he sent it to me about six weeks before the great Copenhagen climate conference.”

“I read it with astonishment and horror because it was indeed proposing to set up for the first time a global government. The word ‘government’ was used in that context for the first time in any treaty that I have ever read, and I used to negotiate treaties for Her Majesty’s government when I worked at 10 Downing Street, so I know what I’m talking about,” he told

“This was a unique and extraordinary development. They were proposing a global government with no democratic input of any kind. It was going to be run simply as a club, a dictatorship of the few, a tyranny, and it was going to have overriding – not just environmental powers over all the states who signed up for this – but also economic powers. It could shut down at will the entire economy of a nation if it chose to do so. It was allowed to under the terms of this extraordinary treaty draft.”

The critical details were buried in the draft document, he said.

“You really have to read the small print in order to find It’s paragraph 36 and 38 of Annex I of the 2009 pre-conference draft of the Copenhagen treaty where you’ll find these references to a government being established, which is clearly intended to be a global government, clearly not intended to be elected by anyone, and clearly intended also to be given the most enormous environmental and economic powers over the individual affairs of all nations. As a lover of democracy, I don’t like the smell of it, I’ll be blunt with you.”

“Now I made it public and the UN was furious that I had made it public, and even though it was officially on their website, they were very upset. A lot of money was spent trying to stop the YouTube video in which I presented the terms of this treaty from going viral, but they were a bit too late: 2 ½ million people had seen it before they were able to stop the viral spread.”

“A lot of people reacted, saying ‘Monckton is just a Reds-under-the-bed fanatic,’ ‘he’s an extremist,’ ‘his eyes run in different directions,’ that kind of thing. Eventually, a radio station in Melbourne, hoping to demonstrate that I was just making it up, hired a queen’s counsel, a senior lawyer, and gave him a copy of the treaty and said, ‘Tell us that Monckton is an extremist fool just making this up.’

So the queen’s counsel read the treaty, he went back to the radio station, and he said, ‘Monckton is indeed wrong. He has gravely understated the danger to freedom represented by this treaty.’ He said he was astonished that virtually no newspaper had carried any details of what was in this document. And he went on the radio and he said that this is a very, very serious threat to liberty. And of course, they’re still at it.”

“They tried to ban me from the Durban [South Africa] climate conference in 2011,” Monckton told “I had to parachute into the conference from a height of 10,000 feet with a skydiving pack on my back…and they couldn’t keep me out after that because the press got hold of it and made a fuss.”

“I got in and I got hold of a thing called the ‘Conclusions by the Chair,’ which is the main output of these conferences. And that document showed that yet again, they were still at it, beavering away quietly to set up this global monstrous government. And I was astonished to see nothing about it in the newspapers. There were 2,000 journalists at that conference. Not one of them reported what was actually in the publicly available output that had been cited by the conference.”

“It does not seem to have occurred to the Druids of the U.N. that they have near-totally failed to prevent wars on Earth – the original purpose for which it was founded,” Monckton wrote at the time. “Yet now, in their gibbering, spastic arrogance, they think to command the weather.”

Monckton also attended the UN’s 2012 climate change conference in Doha, Qatar as an accredited observing delegate.

“I asked for a copy of conclusions of the chair and they pretended they didn’t know what I was talking about. And now, they no longer make public these documents with these conclusions, because they don’t want people like me getting a hold of it and telling the world what’s actually in the negotiations.”

However, one of the publicly stated “outcomes” of the Durban conference was “a decision by Parties to adopt a universal legal agreement on climate change as soon as possible, and no later than 2015,” according to the U.N.

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